Real Estate Sales Include Mayville Storefronts, $2.1M Bemus Point Home

Chautauqua Inns, LTD sold 43 and 51 S. Erie St., Mayville to Hartwig Homes, LLC for $250,000. P-J photo by Gregory Bacon

Two storefronts in downtown Mayville, including one that is a former restaurant, have a new owner.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate sales in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the transactions from Nov. 1-10.

During that time period, Chautauqua Inns, LTD of Mayville sold 43 and 51 S. Erie St., Mayville to Hartwig Homes, LLC of East Aurora for $250,000. There are no businesses currently operating out of either address. 43 S. Erie St. is the location of the former Olive’s at County Grill.

There was also a residential sale that topped seven figures. 194 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point sold for $2,120,000. Realtor.com describes the property as a 5,218 square foot residence with five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms on a 2.4 acre lot.

Including the previous sales mentioned, from Nov. 1-10, there were 16 sales that were $250,000 or higher. The remaining top sales were as follows:

— 5 Sunset Ave., Lakewood sold for $635,000.

— 3836 Westman Road, Ellery sold for $487,500.

— 3 E. Wind Drive, 10 West Drive and another parcel on East Wind Drive, Ellery sold for $445,000.

— 11363 Bennett State Road, Hanover sold for $426,500.

— 3686 Carmen Drive, Ellery sold for $375,000.

— 5513 Fenner Road, Stockton sold for $349,900.

— 8283 Canterbury Drive, French Creek sold for $335,000.

— 4394 Sherman-Mayville Road, Chautauqua town sold for $320,000.

— 1094 Newton Road, Hanover sold for $310,000.

— 3 Rowley Court, Ellicott sold for $279,900.

— 1007 Muriel Road, Hanover sold for $279,000.

— 1131 Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony sold for $271,000.

— 12 Wellington Court, Ellicott sold for $259,900.

— 2651 Mezzio Road, Sheridan sold for $250,000.

Overall, from Nov. 1-10 there were 115 transactions. The full list of sales that were higher than $1 are as follows:

NOV. 1-3

Jose Rodriguez sold 103 E. Seventh St., Dunkirk to Moises Salvador Ane Lebron and Elizabeth Garcia Romero for $40,000.

Robert and Bonnie Stewart sold 64 Bentley Hill Road, Conewango Valley, town of Ellington, to Erica Bouvier for $60,000.

Timothy and Stephanie Doughty sold 679 Kiantone Road, Kiantone to Linda Wieland for $35,500.

Michael IV and Stephanie Corrigan sold 46 Beech St., Jamestown to Parker Phillips for $85,000.

Jeffrey and Stephanie Johnson sold 901 N. Main St., Jamestown to Yulia and Michael Stasiak for $75,000.

Roy and Melissa Fisher sold 38 N. State St., Ripley to Heather McKillip and Tim Olson for $97,850.

Owen Murphy and Luz Ramos sold 256 Hillcrest Ave., Lakewood to Jarred Krajewski for $129,900.

Kathryn Jones sold 416 Front St., Jamestown to Megan Emory and Carter Russo for $119,000.

Lori McGowan sold 3836 Westman Road, Ellery to Bryce and Katie Ireland for $487,500.

TNT Houses 2 Homes, LLC of Silver Creek sold 29 Pearl St., Hanover to Donna Gasper for $159,900.

Daniel and Michelle Szczukowski sold 316 Lord St., Dunkirk to Ernestina Lopez-Gomez for $40,000.

Castle 220, LLC of White Plains, NY sold 825 Prendergast Ave., Jamestown to White Lion Trucking, Inc. of Chula Vista, Calif. for $19,500.

Nicole Marie Ames sold 6227 Webster Road, Portland to Phillip Ames for $10,000.

Patrick and Tina Hodges sold 441 Cobb Road, Gerry to Andrew and Kristan Garvey for $240,000.

WNY Partner Holdings, Inc. of Buffalo sold 4437 S. Hill Road, Ellington to Vickie Kilbury Cali for $80,000.

Chautauqua Inns, LTD of Mayville sold 43 and 51 S. Erie St., Mayville to Hartwig Homes, LLC of East Aurora for $250,000.

Danielson Oil Company, Inc. of Jamestown sold 258 Crescent St., Jamestown to 258 Crescent Street, LLC of Jamestown for $13,754.

Lyndsey Perry sold 37 Fay St., Brocton to Jamie and Edward Riley for $179,900.

Mindy Johnson sold 544 Front St., Jamestown to Savantuay and Tiffany Boyette for $125,300.

The executors of the Estate of Shirley A. Tyma sold 601 Route 83, Villenova to Stanley Tyma III and Joshua Tyma for $10,000.

Thomas Meyers sold 194 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point to Jeannene Betts for $2,120,000.

Paul Bapst sold 1094 Newton Road, Hanover to Benjamin and Erin Peters for $310,000.

John and Margaret Hallberg sold 1741 South Main St. Ext. to Abbey Jones for $80,000.

A trustee of the Lawrence Grace Revocable Trust sold a parcel on Dolloff Road, Poland to Daniel Didion and Michele Winters for $80,000.

James Young sold 2 Academy St., Forestville, town of Hanover, to Daniel Nowicki for $80,000.

Haleigh Hazard sold two parcels on Elam Avenue, Jamestown to Matthew Damore for $43,000.

Rosetta Hobel sold 2898 Rt. 394, North Harmony to David Grady for $175,000.

Michael Scott, Timothy Scott, Robert Scott, Daniel Scott and Richard Scott sold two parcels on Route 394 West, Poland to Christopher Deblass and Carol Lukasik for $149,900.

Jodelle Labardo sold 14 Scioto St., Jamestown to Amanda Swartz for $25,000.

Daniel and Karen Teed sold 8283 Canterbury Drive, French Creek to Deanna Rowe for $335,000.

Anila Myftari sold 16 Morton St., Jamestown to Jason Caylor for $17,500.

Vincent and Carol Majchrzak sold 4394 Sherman-Mayville Road, Chautauqua town, to Richard and Patricia Kenzie for $320,000.

Carey and Victoria Hall sold a parcel on Concord Avenue, Chautauqua town to the Tirbaso Family Trust for $176,750.

Shane and Douglas Goodwill sold 124 E. First St., Jamestown to Goodwill 716, LLC of Forestville for $75,000.

Thomas and Anne Narraway sold 2651 Mezzio Road, Sheridan to Juan Bautista and Griselda Barrera for $250,000.

Anastasia Semyenova sold 44 Fairmount Ave., Jamestown to Jason Yonkers and Monica Buck for $40,000.

The executor of the last Will and Testament of Floyd Griswold sold 3388 Mannison Road, Sherman to Adam Troyer for $115,000.

Loomis Contracting, LLC of Bemus Point sold 4850 Rt. 430, Ellery to S&L Property Development, LLC of Bemus Point for $25,000.

NOV. 6-10

Delanti, LLC of Stockton sold 3062 Rt. 430, Ellery to Robert Schneider for $95,000.

Michelle Palmer sold 71 Prospect St., Jamestown to Macy Thompson for $104,500.

Jonathan Lipphard sold 824 Hunt Road, Busti to Andrew Simko for $8,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon sold 157 Buffalo St., Jamestown to Prideful Property Group, LLC of Jamestown for $49,000.

Ani Development, LLC of Falconer sold 27 Chapman St., Jamestown to Dena Zeman for $54,000.

J. Peter Kelly sold 3 E. Wind Drive, 10 West Drive and another parcel on East Wind Drive, Ellery to Jason and Lisa Woodarek for $445,000.

Mark Gens and Jeffrey Gens sold 6746 Rt. 60, Charlotte to Jeffrey Gens for $60,000.

Philip Hall sold 11363 Bennett State Road, Hanover to Justin and Christina Domes for $426,500.

Thomas and Carol Woodward sold 26 Pearl St., Forestville, town of Hanover, to Keith and Maggie Crabtree for $129,000.

Bryan Hann sold 5513 Fenner Road, Stockton to Kim Saunders and Lorilee Henrickson for $349,900.

The executors of the Estate of Lawrence G. Anderson sold 3686 Carmen Drive, Ellery to Bryan Hann for $375,000.

Robert Spoon sold 6794 Bliss Road, towns of Portland and Chautauqua, to Thomas Barber for $215,000.

Christopher and Holly Hackett sold 3 Rowley Court, Ellicott to Luis Carlos Loja Tacuri and Jacqueline Johanna Guaman Lucero for $279,900.

Levi and Elizabeth Byler sold a parcel on Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony to Levi and Dora Shetler for $15,000.

Levi and Elizabeth Byler sold a parcel on Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony to Alex and Kaitlyn Froman for $32,000.

Tracy Roemer sold 41 Academy St., Mayville to Rebecca Magnuson for $216,000.

Brett and Sandra Struble sold 1247 Cassadaga Road, Villenova to Lisa Rados and David Reimer for $200,000.

Quentin and Kathleen Best sold 50 Third St. and property on Wood Street to Timothy Quentin Best for $68,000.

Christopher and Ann Adams sold 1007 Muriel Road, Hanover to Gilbert Jr. and Julie Kless for $279,000.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of Jean Anderson sold 16 West Linwood Ave., Ellicott to the Kalfus Family Trust for $78,000.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of Sebastian R. Trusso sold 22 Auburn Ave., Jamestown to Conner Anderson for $119,000.

Robert Gray sold a parcel on Rt. 62, Kiantone to Jeremy Edwards for $50,000.

Sonia Peterson sold 175 Park St., Jamestown to Christopher Peter Heckmann and Nimarta Kaur Bawa for $90,000.

Gregory Wolcott sold 5990 James Road, Stockton to Scott Comstock for $89,900.

Susan Stafford sold 12 Wellington Court, Ellicott to James and Mindy Johnson for $259,900.

Patricia Falk and James Freedman sold Home No. A3, NorthShore at Chautauqua, Elm Lane, Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua to Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Chautauqua, Inc. for $12,000.

The executor of the Estate of Gordon C. Wagner sold 11043 Quarry Road, Hanover to Ladora Ousley for $31,000.

A referee for Scott Berry sold 477 Howard Ave., Ellicott to DAF Land Holdings, LLC of Forestville for $121,000.

Elizabeth Morando sold two parcels on East Summit Street and Bentley Avenue, Lakewood to Stone Hill 716, LLC of Lakewood for $110,000.

A referee for Susan Kysor sold 307 Buffalo St., Jamestown to Thomas Bailey Jr. for $28,300.

A referee for Mark Pilling sold 63 Meadow Lane, Jamestown to Wells Fargo Bank, NA for $48,015.

Thomas Gerace and Jenni Dangelo sold 46 Stewart Ave., Jamestown to Thomas Anderson for $120,000.

Bradley and Meghan Turner sold 5 Sunset Ave., Lakewood to Aspen Powder Company, LLC of Cleveland, Ohio for $635,000.

Cari Kinney sold 1131 Blockville Watts Flats Road, Harmony to Thomas Gerace and Jenni Dangelo for $271,000.

Beverly Faber sold 98 Forest Ave., Jamestown to Vincent DeJoy III for $159,750.

Christopher Spellburg sold 23 North Roberts Road, Dunkirk to Brian Panikowski for $25,000.

Felicia Giambruno sold 873 Fairmount Ave., Ellicott to Robert Gwyer for $202,500.

Jose and Mary Rosario sold 620 Brigham Road, Dunkirk to Shauna Evanczik-Olrogg for $162,500.


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