It’s A Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s a most wonderful time of the year,

when players are packing and loading their gear,

in anticipation of the crowds who will cheer,

because Spring Training Baseball is finally here..

Last season is over, all teams start a-new,

to prepare for this season, each one hoping to

win the World Series, they feel is so due,

and be showered with confetti, and a big trophy too.

It’s said it’s a marathon, and not a fast race

A six-month grind travelling what seems every place

But if they’re the last standing in the champion’s space

You’ll know it quite clearly from the smiles on their face

But before that can happen the road must be paved

With hard work and practice, and that hunger they crave,

To put forth the effort and sweat, and not save,

the guts to be champs, and hold the trophy engraved,

with team name and date for all teams to see,

that they just became part of baseball history

and the feeling to know that they’ll always be

a World Champion in the Home of the Free.

And so games will start in just a few days

The beginning of a new season and thousands of plays

And base hits and errors and home runs fans praise

And excitement all fans feel in so many ways.

The beginning of baseball in year ’24

It’s what the true fans have all waited for

To taste all the hot dogs, and nachos, and more

And scream and yell louder each time their team scores

And when Spring Training’s all over, once again we will wait

Until Opening Day when we enter the gate

And the tradition will re-start as we anticipate

Who’ll be the winners, or victims of fate

And it will happen once more as it does every year

We will chomp at the bit until we can cheer,

And munch on the peanuts and taste the cold beer

’cause then another Spring Training will be very near here.

Players are starting to arrive, pitchers and catchers reporting first for Spring Training, then the arrival of the position players, and in a week or so, the games will begin as the excitement builds to a fever pitch (pun intended). Every team in each division will start the new season in a five team tie for first place.

Some games will be played in cold weather, some indoors, some in balmy breezes, some in some pretty tough heat, but that’s baseball, and those fanatics like me are willing to brave whatever weather comes our way, just knowing it’ll only be about another month until each home plate umpire will shout out what we’ve waited the past five plus months to hear, “Play!” (F. Y. I. It used to be “Play Ball,” but it was shortened quite a few years ago to “Play!”)

Spring Training will last about 6 to 7 weeks and at the end of March, we will have the call of “Play” in each ballpark, opening the 2024 Major League Baseball Season. Sally and I will have our half season ticket plan in order, many of our parking needs met, we’ll have most of our hotel or Air B&B accommodations set, and we’ll have our “any/every kind of weather” outerwear packed in the car, including hoodies, hats, and gloves. Trust me, we’ve needed any and all of what we bring at some point in our baseball trips. It’s okay though, we have gotten used to it and it’s exciting in planning, packing, and getting back to the ballpark to watch our favorite sport played by our favorite team.

So, as we, and you, get ready for the upcoming season, remember, it’s not the wins or losses that matter most, it’s the memories you might make, the excitement of what records you may see set, what amazing plays you may see, what special game time moments and feats (no-hitter, grand slams, inside-the-park HRs, walk-off hits, etc.) you may witness on any given game day.

Best wishes being sent from the VFTB to all of you, to enjoy the season, fellow fans!


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