Court Filing Brings End To Foreclosure Fight

The likely sale of the former Jamestown Brewing Company building on Third Street is bringing an end to Evans Bank’s attempted foreclosure on the property.

A court filing earlier this week agreed to by attorneys for both the bank and George Patti, the property’s owner, and agreed to by state Supreme Court Justice Grace Hanlon would satisfy both the original foreclosure case as well as counterclaims made by Patti as part of his defense in the case.

In an effort to move the matter along Patti is striking his counterclaims from the argument.

“Per the Answering Defendants’ ongoing sale efforts and good faith negotiations, the parties are entering into this stipulation to resolve this pending foreclosure action,” the filing states. “Now, it is hereby ordered that the answer of the answering defendants, including the affirmative defenses contained therein, are hereby stricken; and it is further ordered that the counterclaims are hereby voluntarily dismissed with prejudice by the answering defendants.”

A new tenant is in the process of securing financing to buy the building. Wicked Jimmy’s LLC has secured a loan from the county IDA and is poised to receive another loan from the Jamestown Local Development Corporation as long as the loan is approved by the Jamestown City Council. The new company hopes to be operating by the early summer.


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