‘It’s Awesome, I Love It’: Elementary Art Teacher Enjoying Dream Job In Clymer

Hailey Crossley at Clymer Central School has wanted to be an art teacher since she was in high school. Submitted photo

CLYMER — Hailey Crossley, Clymer Central School’s new elementary art teacher, has known from a young age that she wanted to teach art.

Crossley graduated from Sherman Central School, where she later returned as a substitute during college. She said she liked small schools and a smaller community.

Before getting her dream job, Crossley attended Edinboro University and student taught at a few different schools. She substituted at Sherman during the summer and, while she was on breaks, she has also spent the last seven summers scooping ice cream.

So far, Crossley said the job has been wonderful.

“It’s awesome, I love it,” she said. “It’s fun and I get to experience new things. I want to learn more about my students and get myself out there.”

Crossley’s favorite part so far has been the ability to open up a class for seventh graders who had a study hall and allow them to come work on their art. Crossley has two sets of four seventh graders each, every other day.

“I get to do a lot more with them,” Crossley said. “I get to experiment and push them further.”

As for her other groups of students, Crossley added that she has been very impressed with the skills that her preschoolers already have.

This job has been something Crossley has been looking for for a long time.

“I’ve known I wanted to be an art teacher since the beginning of high school,” Crossley said. “I put a lot of love and energy into my application and interview. I’ve always wanted to be an art teacher and I’m finally at the point that I want to be at.”

Crossley’s goals for her first year as Clymer’s elementary art teacher include getting to know her students more and learning where they are at so she can figure out where she wants them to be.

“They’re all new to me so I will see where they are at and watch them grow,” Crossley said. “I’m excited to see their work.”

Her most important goal though, is to allow her students to use art as something they can go to when they need to. Crossley wants to be able to use art for her students who need it.

“I want to help my students find a new hobby or skill, but also help them to have something to go to if they need it,” Crossley said. “Art is not everyone’s outlet but I want to help those who need it, whether it’s for mental health reasons or just as a hobby. My class will be experimental and students will make mistakes and I want them to know that it is OK.”

Crossley added that she makes mistakes too and is always looking to try new things, and she wants her students to do the same. She is excited to finally have her own students and class, and is working to get their artwork out to the community.


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