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City Resident Has A Lead Role In ‘Levi’

A movie poster of “Levi” which was filmed in Buffalo. Submitted photo

Kayla Malika-Walker loves to sing and dance, which is why she loves acting and theater.

“Theater was my first passion which led me to acting for TV and film. I love meeting new friends, that love the same thing I do,” Malika-Walker said. She was nervous about getting into TV and film, but once she got into TV and film she realized how easy and fun it was, so she started to love it even more.

Malika-Walker knows that rejection is part of the business, but not getting an acting role only motivates her to work harder.

She said she has been close to getting roles in big productions on broadway, but in the end she didn’t end up getting the parts. “The feeling of hurt pushed me to want to work harder. So past experiences of me auditioning and not getting the role always inspires me or motivates me more to push harder for the next,” the Jamestown resident said.

And that motivation has paid off as Malika-Walker has a lead role Chyna in the upcoming film “Levi” which will have its world premiere in Buffalo, on Sunday. The movie was filmed in Buffalo.

Kayla Malika-Walker has a lead role in the upcoming film “Levi” which will have its world premiere in Buffalo, on May 28. Submitted photo

Malika-Walker said she auditioned for the movie in different segments.

“I first had the main audition and then a callback. After the callback I was chosen along with another person for a chemistry reading. I had to go over the audition script a few more times and after about a day or two later I was told I have received the part. I was very excited to land my first lead role,” Malika-Walker said.

According to evenbrite.com, “Levi” is about a business run by a dangerous man, who did dangerous things falls into the hands of a teenage boy (Khalil Carr). After the death of Levi’s Father (Romain McBride), there still is debt to be paid, and the only way to get what they need is through young Levi, So they thought. Levi affiliates himself with the business to protect his father legacy. His fathers business partner Krystal (Roselyn Kasmire) watches over him, making sure he makes the best choices. Tension with his mother Veronica (Latsaha Davis) rises because all she wants is for him to be a normal teenager. With so much pressure facing him, Levi also has to keep a low profile at school. But soon enough his friends Nico (Darius Foster) and Chyna (Malika-Walker) begin to see through him; forcing them in a world they could’ve never prepared for. As so much chaos going on in Levi’s life he battles the ultimatum of keeping the business or the ones closes to him safe.

Malika-Walker said she prepares for a role with her acting coach Darvinique Hawthorne. “She studies the script along with me and helps me with challenging parts of the script that I need help with. My manager Ereka Scales will also give me feedback on all of my roles I truly do appreciate both my acting coach and my manager very much and everything they do for me,” the actress said.

Malika-Walker’s advice for anyone wanting a career in TV or film is to persevere, and not to give up. “I’ve got plenty of nos when starting my career in acting, but I’ve learned to keep pushing, put God first in everything I do and if it’s meant to be it will fall into place just like it should. So far a lot of my hard work is paying off and with God’s confirmation I have been getting a lot of yes’s when it comes to auditioning,” she said.



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