County ARPA Projects Include Dam Work, CARTS Hub

Pictured are members of the Chautauqua County Legislature. P-J photo by Gregory Bacon

MAYVILLE — Chautauqua County officials have authorized another $1.5 million in spending from funds received from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act.

There were six new projects; most of the projects approved during Wednesday’s county Legislature meeting were similar to previously approved projects.

The biggest approved project was $640,000 for the Conewango Dams Sediment Removal and Valve Rehabilitation project.

In 2021, the legislature agreed to spend $500,000 to repair valves in two of the four dams in the Conewango Watershed near Cherry Creek. Lawmakers were told that the valves hadn’t worked in a number of years and if there’s a flood, they won’t be able to open to protect Cherry Creek from flooding.

At that time, the legislature approved replacing two of the valves, adding that there wasn’t enough funds to do all four. With the legislature using other funds for the west side sewer district project at Chautauqua Lake, some more ARPA money has been freed up for additional projects, including these last two valves.

The second-biggest project approved was $370,000 for heavy equipment for Public Facilities. The resolution allows for the purchase of a new heavy haul road tractor for $200,000, a new welding truck for $55,000, a Sign Truck for $80,000, and a 12-ton Goose Neck trailer for $35,000.

The third-largest project was $342,301 for the Sheriff’s Office’s dispatch centers. The money will be used for equipment.

“This is for console systems … It’s not chairs or comfortable rugs or anything fancy,” said Legislator Lisa Vanstrom, R-West Ellicott during the legislature meeting.

During committee meetings the week prior, Sheriff Jim Quattrone said some of the money will be used for the Jamestown Dispatch Center which began during COVID-19 and the Sheriff’s Office decided to continue to use.

Its main dispatch center is in Mayville and some of the equipment there needs to be replaced due to its age and parts unavailable.

For the fourth project, the legislature approved $100,000 for the CARTS Hub in Jamestown. At the end of 2020, the legislature agreed to purchase 215 E. Third St., Jamestown, where they had been renting for several years. The ARPA funds will be used to help remodel the facility.

In a separate resolution not involving ARPA funds, the legislature accepted a $475,062 grant from the state Department of Transportation for the CARTS Hub project as well.

The fifth project was $30,000 for the District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s office had previously been awarded $70,000 as they expand into the former print shop in Mayville. The additional $30,000 is to cover additional costs, which were higher than first planned.

The final ARPA project approved this month was $29,000 for storage assessment. The county is going to review its storage needs and building conditions of the highway maintenance facilities and see which buildings are reparable and which ones need to be replaced.

All spending projects were unanimously approved.

Last month, the legislature said at that time it had $8 million available from the original $24.3 million awarded to the county from the federal government. ARPA funds cannot be used to pay down deficits, lower taxes or placed in reserve accounts.


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