City Road Repair To Improve Public Safety

Signature Paving crews are pictured Thursday on Hazeltine Avenue in Jamestown. Following repairs, many of the bricks were put back into place this week. P-J photo by Timothy Frudd

The city has contracted with Signature Paving to implement major repairs to Hazeltine Avenue, a project that is expected to increase public safety for walkers, bicyclists and drivers.

George Patti, president of Signature Paving, said the city contracted with his company to repair the road due to its public safety risk and the amount of traffic on the street.

“There’s a lot of traffic that goes up and down Hazeltine because it connects to Baker Street,” he said. “Most of the area that’s there has settled and deteriorated over the years from traffic.”

Work to the street includes excavating down 18 inches and putting in new concrete. Crews also are “spot digging” areas that have settled and dipped and bringing it back up to grade.

To fix the road according to the standards established by the city, Signature Paving has had to follow a multi-step process.

“It requires 6 inches of concrete and then there’s a bed of sand with mortar and just going back about a hundred years the way they use to lay them, one brick at a time,” he said.

Patti noted that brick streets outlast asphalt roads. “Once it’s done, they won’t have to touch it for another 50 years,” he said, noting that brick streets are part of the city’s history preserved at the Fenton Historical Center.

“The bricks were made here in Jamestown over on Allen Street,” he said. “They used to lay the streets a hundred guys at a time.”

The Hazeltine Avenue project started about two weeks ago and is expected to be completed in the near future. Patti said the workers have not experienced many challenges or delays because of good weather this summer.

“It’s going to take about a month,” he said. “As far as timing, it was perfect because we’ve had this stretch of dry, warm weather. The only concerns that we run into is if we get a big downpour. It’s been really smooth.”

Patti said local residents have been receptive of the work being done on Hazeltine and are eager for the avenue to be improved.

“The neighbors are thrilled that we’re doing it,” he said. “There’s a few of them that have brought out coffee and doughnuts for the guys. They’re really thrilled, because it was that bad. It was really in dire need to have this done.”

Patti said the work his company is doing on the road will bring significant improvements to Hazeltine Avenue. The biggest improvement will be an increase in public safety.

“That’s the biggest thing,” he said. “That’s one of the reasons why they’re doing it because the dips and the valleys and all the settling was bad enough that there were some concerns.”

According to Patti, the safety risks for Hazeltine were especially serious for people who were walking or bicycling.

“If somebody was on a bicycle or even walking, they could trip and fall or hit a low spot in the pavement and then wipe-out,” he said. “They’re meeting the ADA requirements by bringing it up to the grade that is set by the city engineer.”

Work also includes connecting any existing driveways, curbs and gutters to the repaired road.

“That’s why most of the neighbors have been just outstanding to work with,” he said, later adding, “they’re so thrilled because it’s going to be a nice, smooth transition into their driveways now.”


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