Gowanda Woman Again Faces Slew Of Tampering Charges

GOWANDA — Village resident Abigail Kennedy was arrested three times in the span of two weeks in June 2018, and eight total times in the span of a year. Kennedy is again being charged for similar cases of criminal tampering in Gowanda.

On June 23, just after midnight, Kennedy picked up a criminal tampering charge for allegedly smearing peanut butter on the entrance door window of the Gowanda Police Department. Two days later, on June 25, Kennedy reportedly committed the same offense of covering the entrance door window of the police department with peanut butter. Both times she was released on an appearance ticket to Collins Town Court.

The next day, on June 26, Kennedy once again covered the same door with peanut butter.

The next week, on July 4, Kennedy was back to covering windows with peanut butter — this time it was the front window of a closed business on West Main Street. Two days later, around 7:30 p.m. on July 6, Kennedy repeated this again. Both of these arrests resulted in criminal tampering charges and appearance tickets to Persia Town Court.

On July 9, patrol observed Kennedy smearing ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce, and mayonnaise at a different building on Buffalo Street. This time, as patrol attempted to arrest Kennedy, she tried to get away, but was caught shortly after. In addition to the criminal tampering charge, Kennedy was also charged with obstructing governmental administration. This time, Kennedy was arraigned in Collins Town Court, where she was released on her own recognizance.

Kennedy’s behavior is consistent with the string of arrests she faced in 2018. Three years ago, she had picked up charges of pouring maple syrup on the police station, throwing and smashing eggs on the entrance door, and rubbing chocolate on the door handles. There were also charges of curfew violations, egging the police station, smearing various foods on patrol vehicles, allegedly attempting to slash the tires of an officer’s personal vehicle, loitering, violating a protection order, and smearing chocolate on a building on West Main street and defacing a building on Jamestown Street with derogatory statements about the Gowanda Police on the windows in permanent marker.


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