Gerry Man Charged With Use Of Child In A Sexual Performance

A Gerry man has been charged with two counts of using a child in a sexual performance, a class C felony.

Michael Stravato, 52, was charged Wednesday and arraigned at the Chautauqua County Jail’s Centralized Arraignment Program. Stravato was released under supervision of probation.

No other information was released by the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department. According to the state Penal Law, a person is guilty of the use of a child in a sexual performance if knowing the character and content thereof he employs, authorizes or induces a child less than 17 years of age to engage in a sexual performance or being a parent, legal guardian or custodian of such child, he consents to the participation by such child in a sexual performance.

Someone convicted of a non-violent class C felony could face a range of punishments that include no jail, probation and between one and 15 years in jail. Someone convicted of a class C felony could face between 3.5 and 15 years in jail.


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