City Skateboarders Among 5 Charged In Damage To Waldameer Park

Five skateboarders, four of whom live in Jamestown, are facing charges after allegedly causing more than $6,000 worth of damage to Waldameer Park & Water World near Erie, Pa.

The five — 23-year-old Jacob E. Luther of Erie and 20-year-old Noah W. Butler, 27-year-old Anthony A. Ferrari, 36-year-old Kelly L. Ioerger and 39-year-old Peter M. Scheira, all of Jamestown — were charged by criminal complaint following the April 19 incident at the Millcreek Township water park, the Erie Times-News first reported Monday.

Waldameer owner Paul Nelson told the Erie newspaper that someone spotted the group around 1:30 p.m. and called police. Nelson told the Erie Times-News on Monday that damage to the park’s slides was about $6,000.

An investigation found that the four men and a woman entered the closed park and rode their skateboards through sliding tubes and an other features, the Erie Times News reported.

Luther, Butler, Ferrari, Ioerger and Scheira were charged April 26 with felony counts of criminal mischief and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief and with a summary count of defiant trespass.

All five are scheduled to appear before a Millcreek judge for a preliminary hearing June 2.

Nelson told the Erie newspaper that damage came in the form of chips and scratches to the dry slide tubes from the skateboards.

He said repairs will be needed before the equipment can be used again.


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