Wendel, Goodell Endorse Langworthy For Congress

County Executive PJ Wendel and State Assemblyman Andrew Goodell announced their endorsement of Congressional candidate Nick Langworthy ahead of the Aug. 23 Republican primary election. P-J photo by Timothy Frudd

Congressional candidate Nick Langworthy on Monday received endorsements from Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel and State Assemblyman Andrew Goodell.

“I know that with a voice from Chautauqua County, that Nick will be that driving force in Washington for us,” Wendel said outside city hall in Jamestown. “As a county native with great ties to Chautauqua County, I feel confident that Nick will have our back.”

Goodell said as a Chautauqua County native, Langworthy will fight to represent the community and preserve its values.

“It is really a distinct honor and pleasure for me to endorse Nick Langworthy for Congress,” he said. “Nick Langworthy is the best candidate for Congress representing Chautauqua County.”

Goodell said Langworthy has a personal understanding of the different challenges facing the people of the 23rd Congressional District.

“Nick understands firsthand exactly the financial challenges facing our families across this district,” he said. “He understands the devastating impact of inflation on family budgets. He understands our values, our perspective and what is important to us.”

Goodell said Langworthy is the best candidate for strengthening law enforcement, securing the border, limiting federal spending and fighting inflation.

Langworthy, who is the state’s GOP chairman, is running against Carl Paladino, who is a real estate developer and businessman. Both men are seeking Republican’s support ahead of the Aug. 23 Republican primary election.

“It is a great honor and a great boost to my candidacy to have people like PJ Wendel and Andy Goodell in my corner in this race,” Langworthy said. “It’s a huge honor for me to be running for Congress here where I come from.”

Born at WCA Hospital, Langworthy explained his extended family is located in Chautauqua County and he is proud of his Jamestown heritage.

“This will always be home,” he said. “Our way of life here and my upbringing here, I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. That’s what I’m fighting to really preserve and why I want to go to Washington. I think areas like the Southern Tier have been forgotten about across this country and across this state for far too long.”

Langworthy said poor state and federal regulations and policies have resulted in a mass exodus of people from the Southern Tier region.

One of Langworthy’s priorities is lowering the cost of living for Americans.

“All of the different costs of living have gone through the roof,” he said. “We need relief at the governmental level.”

To combat rising inflation levels, Langworthy said the energy crisis needs to be addressed, pledging that he would fight for energy independence as soon as he is elected.

“We need to absolutely make it easier in this country to create jobs and to lower our gas prices,” he said. “We have had far too many governmental obstacles in the way of that.”

Langworthy also said he will serve as an advocate for farmers and will promote policies that provide jobs for the next generation in the region.

“I’m in this for our next generation,” he said. “Our kids and our grand kids deserve the opportunity to live and grow where their family roots are.”

Other policies Langworthy discussed were the southern border and drugs. He said the southern border crisis has caused problems with drugs to skyrocket across the United States and blamed China as the source of the drugs.

“I think China is the greatest threat domestically and internationally to the United States of America,” he said.

Langworthy blamed the current administration for many of the problems that he believes are currently facing the United States. He believes America needs different leadership to address these issues. “President Trump was tough and put America first,” he said. “We don’t have that right now in this administration.”

With only a handful of days before the Republican primary election, Langworthy used Monday’s endorsement announcement as an opportunity to ask local residents to support his campaign.

“I want to be the fearless advocate for Western New York and the Southern Tier and Congress,” he said. “I would be very proud to earn the vote and the support of everyone in this community.”


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