Pinwheels Raise Awareness For Assault, Abuse Prevention

Center, Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist displays the proclamation he gave representatives for the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign. The campaign uses pinwheels to symbolize a fight for children to have a safe childhood and positive upbringing. P-J photos by Dennis Phillips

Pinwheels aren’t only a joy to spin and watch, but also raise awareness for child abuse and sexual assault prevention.

On Tuesday, several representatives from local agencies gathered on Tracy Plaza with Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist for the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign. The campaign uses pinwheels to symbolize the fight for children to have a safe childhood and positive upbringing.

Saraden White, The Salvation Army Anew Center representative, said April is both National Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. She said the campaign not only raises awareness on how to prevent child abuse and sexual assault, but also draws attention to the local agencies that can help.

“We need to fight for children to have safe childhoods,” she said.

Tuesday’s Pinwheels for Prevention event was the second of four that will be held. The first was at Jamestown High School on March 31, the third will be today at noon at Dunkirk City Hall and the fourth will be at noon Friday at Mayville Family Court.

Sundquist presented a proclamation to the agency representatives and encouraged them to place “pinwheels everywhere they can go” across Tracy Plaza, which is the concrete deck outside the Jamestown Municipal Building.

“(I) do hereby proclaim the month of April 2022 as Pinwheels for Prevention campaign month in the city of Jamestown, and urge all residents to recognize the importance of advocating for and protecting our children to ensure they have a safe, happy and healthy upbringing in our community,” Sundquist said.

The agencies involved in the campaign include Court Appointed Special Advocates; Child Advocacy Program; Safe Harbor; Jamestown YWCA/CAPP; Prevention Works; Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services; Chautauqua County Mental Hygiene/Tapestry; and GA Family Services.

Anyone who wants to report an act of child abuse should contact the child abuse hotline at 1-800-342-3720 or the police, White said. Also, they can call any of the agencies that can provide a referral.


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