Unexpected Blessing

Donation Made To Family Displaced By William Street Fire

Right, Jamie Billquist of the Rosemary “Rosie” Billquist Memorial Fund presents a check for $1,000 to Brooke Lucas and her family. Lucas and her family lost everything they own in a house fire on William Street Monday. P-J photo by Dennis Phillips

The mother involved in the William Street house fire that destroyed everything her family owns is thankful for all of the money and assistance being given to them.

On Friday, Brooke Lucas was at Tracy Plaza outside of the Jamestown Municipal Building to accept a $1,000 donation from Jamie Billquist, who operates the Rosemary “Rosie” Billquist Memorial Fund through the Rosie’s Run program.

Lucas said she is thankful for everything her and Hector Rivera and her five children have received from the community since the fire at 116 1/2 William St. early Monday morning.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t think everyone would come together for us,” she said.

Along with the $1,000 donation, a GoFundme page – https://gofund.me/81b811f7 – has raised $10,570 as of Friday morning. Also, Pearl City Pets, 201 Cherry St., Jamestown, is accepting donations on behalf of the family.

Pictured is a fire earlier this week that destroyed a home at 116.5 William St., Jamestown.

Lucas said the family is splitting time living at her father’s and brother’s place as they look for a new home. She said everyone is doing “good” since the fire, but is very thankful no one was seriously hurt, which involved Lucas and her daughter, Hailey, jumping from the roof of the porch into the arms of Jamestown Police officer Mark Conklin.

Hailey, who is 12 years old, said she wasn’t frightened to jump out of the burning structure because she trusted Conklin.

“I wasn’t scared at all,” she said.

“The girls woke us up,” Lucas said about two of her daughters hearing fire crackling outside their window. “I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all.”

Lucas said along with Conklin, a neighbor lady named Jennifer also helped the family escape the burning building. She said the cause is still being investigated by the Jamestown Fire Department. She added that the fire started on the porch of the house, with the fire becoming engulfed when she opened the front door.

“It happened so quickly. Everybody was there at the right time,” she said about the assistance her family received to flee the structure fire without being badly injured. “I’m so thankful. They did what they could. They are amazing.”

Billquist said he is glad to assist the family after such a traumatic event.

“This is what I do with the foundation,” he said. “Hopefully this will help get you guys on your feet.”

Billquist said the five-year anniversary of his wife’s death is approaching soon – Nov. 22, 2017. The Rosemary “Rosie” Billquist Memorial Fund was started after the tragic death of Rosie Billquist, who was shot in a hunting accident while walking her dogs near her home in Sherman. Rosie’s Run is an annual run in memory of Billquist. Rosie Billquist, a native of Sherman, had many passions, with one of them being running. The event has been created to honor her and help the organizations she was closest to.


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