Four-Story Hotel Proposed At Hadley Bay

An 80-room hotel project is being sought in the town of North Harmony near Hadley Bay. P-J photo by Eric Tichy

STOW — A four-story, 80-room hotel is being eyed in Hadley Bay in the town of North Harmony.

The project has been discussed for two months by the town Planning Board and, following a meeting in April, recommended the North Harmony Town Board begin a zoning change that could pave the way for the hotel’s construction in two years.

Town Supervisor Robert Yates said the project is only in the early discussion phase at this point and that nothing has been determined. The town has not yet heard from those proposing the hotel, and Yates said he would comment further once he had a chance to review more details — likely coming during May’s town board meeting.

“We do have an interested party looking there,” Yates said.

In February, Benjamin Gerring went before the planning board to outline what is tentatively being called the “Hadley Bay Hotel Proposal.”

Gerring said he is looking to build the four-story hotel on a plot of land at 3328 West Lake Road that would face Hadley Bay Road. The area is currently not zoned for a hotel, though property across the street appears to be. Gerry and the architect, Jeff Hazel, are looking for a zoning change, which the planning board recommended in March.

A change in zoning would require a public hearing before the town board takes it up for a vote.

At the February meeting, members of the town Planning Board questioned parking for the proposed hotel. Gerring said they’d like to have vehicles parked out front in efforts to sell customers on a view to Chautauqua Lake and to prevent parking lot lighting from shining on housing below at Hadley Bay. Front yard parking would require a variance from the town.

Walter Geist, a member of the planning board, asked of the potential impact of a hotel to the properites in the area. Gerring said the proposal had not yet been made public and noted that efforts were just in the planning stages.

In discussing potential amenities, Hazel said the hotel would offer three styles of suites; at the moment, the proposed hotel would not include a banquet hall or restaurant.

Gerring said they are also looking to put in an indoor pool to be used year-round.

In February, planning board member Pat Rice said the project would fit in nicely with the town’s comprehensive plan and would not impact the lake. Rice said the town should “really consider” the proposal.

Gerring said the plan is to have a sign at the front of the hotel and potentially another one facing Interstate 86. He added that they are not looking to install a “huge pole sign or a bulletin board.”

If given the OK, Gerring said he would like to break ground around 2023 to align with the peak season.


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