Two COVID Deaths Noted; Rise Seen At BOCES

Two more virus-related deaths, and 13 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, were reported Tuesday by the Chautauqua County Department of Health.

After going nearly a month without a new death associated with the virus, the county has recorded four since Friday. The ages break down as follows: four between the ages of 40 and 49; five between 50 and 59; 15 between 60 and 69; 30 between 70 and 79; 56 between 80 and 89; and 36 over the age of 90.

Of the new cases reported, from information collected Monday, seven have come from the Jamestown zip code, two in Mayville and one each in Dunkirk, Forestville, Bemus Point and Cassadaga.

To date there have been 8,757 confirmed cases, 8,419 recoveries and 146 virus-related deaths. There are currently 192 active cases, 12 people with COVID in the hospital, 500 in quarantine and a seven-day positivity rate of 2.3%.

Cases also may be on the rise in some area educational centers. At the LoGuidice Board of Cooperative Educational Services in Fredonia, there have been six new positive cases reported in the last seven days for students with two noted on Monday. Overall, there have been 14 student cases since September at the location.

BOCES Hewes Center in Ashville had one student case in the last week with 15 total since September.

For other schools, here are the numbers:

¯ Bemus Point: 40 students, 14 on-site and 26 off-site; 19 teachers/staff, 12 on-site and seven off-site.

¯ Brocton: 23 students, nine on-site and 14 off-site; 12 teachers/staff, all on-site.

¯ Cassadaga Valley: 25 students, 15 on-site and 10 off-site; 17 teachers/staff, 14 on-site and three off-site.

¯ Chautauqua Lake: 17 students, 13 on-site and four off-site; 13 teachers/staff, nine on-site and four off-site.

¯ Clymer: 10 students, nine on-site and one off-site; eight teachers/staff, all on-site.

¯ Dunkirk: 87 students, 13 on-site and 74 off-site; 57 teachers/staff, 28 on-site and 29 off-site.

¯ Falconer: 27 students, 18 on-site and nine off-site; 16 teachers/staff, 11 on-site and five off-site.

¯ Forestville: 18 students, seven on-site and 11 off-site; nine teachers/staff, four on-site and five off-site.

¯ Fredonia: 51 students, 18 on-site and 33 off-site; 26 teachers/staff, 25 on-site and one off-site.

¯ Frewsburg: 47 students, 38 on-site and nine off-site; 13 teachers/staff, 11 on-site and two off-site.

¯ Jamestown: 145 students, 59 on-site and 86 off-site; 55 teachers/staff, 38 on-site and 17 off-site.

¯ Panama: 11 students, nine on-site and two off-site; seven teachers/staff, all on-site.

¯ Pine Valley: 22 students, 12 on-site and 10 off-site; eight teacher/staff, three on-site and five off-site.

¯ Ripley: 10 students, three on-site and seven off-site; nine teachers/staff, eight on-site and one off-site.

¯ Sherman: 10 students, eight on-site and two off-site; three teachers/staff, all on-site.

¯ Silver Creek: 60 students, 47 on-site and 13 off-site; 23 teachers/staff, all on-site.

¯ Southwestern: 66 students, 34 on-site and 32 off-site; 21 teachers/staff, 16 on-site and five off-site.

¯ Westfield: 21 students, five on-site and 16 off-site; 12 teachers/staff, seven on-site and five off-site.

¯ Northern Chautauqua Catholic School: three students, two on-site and one off-site.

¯ Bethel Baptist Christian Academy: three students, two on-site and one off-site.


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