Chautauqua Town Schedules Meeting On Assessment

MAYVILLE — Chautauqua town residents who are still upset about the latest revaluation are going to be able to hear from the assessor directly.

The Chautauqua Town Board will hold a special meeting Monday at 7 p.m. in the former gym located at the town hall, located at 2 Academy St., Mavyille. The meeting will be informational only and no action is expected to take place.

On April 12, more than 30 residents attended the town board’s monthly meeting expressing their displeasure for the revaluation, some saying that their assessments were doubled or even tripled. Many residents at that meeting asked the town board to “throw out” the assessment and start the process over.

During a phone interview Wednesday, town Supervisor Don Emhardt said that’s unlikely. “We’re not going to put it on hold. It’s going to take its course,” he said.

Emhardt said he doesn’t think there is anything the town board can do about it. The town only hires the assessor; the assessor does the actual reassessment.

Individuals who feel their property is assessed at more than its worth can schedule an informal hearing with the assessor. Emhardt said they should get similar properties’ assessments for comparisons and if the property is over-valued, an adjustment can be made.

According to information handed out at the April 12 meeting, 2015 was the last time residential properties were reassessed and 2006 was the last time commercial properties were reassessed. Other key points by town officials:

¯ the sales vs. assessment analysis indicates that the largest inequity is in residential values.

¯ sales from 2017-2020 were used to arrive at the new assessed valuation.

¯ market value and assessments change even if there have been no changes to your property.

¯ sales of similar properties are the biggest indicator of value.

¯ the 2020 equalization rate dropped from 98% to 92.8%. This falling rate indicates that the market values are increasing faster than the assessment. Assessment data is available at www.chautauqualakeassessments.org. Officials say that will be useful to determine if your assessment is equitable.


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