Cause Of Fire Sought

Several Departments Aid In Dousing Afternoon Blaze

Fire crews respond to the scene of a structure fire on Fisher Hill Road in the town of Poland on Thursday afternoon. After using portable containment ponds to supply firefighters with water, crews were eventually able to pump from a pond located on the property, extinguishing the fire. P-J photos by Jay Young

KENNEDY — Firefighters were dispatched to a call for a reported structure fire at 2538 Fisher Hill Road in the town of Poland early Thursday afternoon.

Fire crews, including personnel from Falconer, Kennedy, Frewsburg and Kiantone departments, arrived at the scene and proceeded to try and contain the blaze.

Smoke and flames continued to pour from the building, an adjacent structure on the backside of the main house, while crews pumped water from portable containment ponds down the length of an extended driveway.

“I was actually out doing a routine home inspection for the homeowners insurance,” said Keith Weilacher, a field representative for Mueller Services. “As I was taking photos of the home, I noticed smoke coming out from under the rafters of the roof. The next thing I knew smoke was rolling out so I just called 911 at that point.”

In an effort to get more water on the fire, crews eventually began to pump from a small pond located on the premises.

“The call came across, there was smoke in the eves, around 12-ish sometime,” said Kennedy Fire Chief Kieth Bean. “We put the fire out and now we have the investigators here doing a report.”

Bean did not have any information regarding a possible cause for the fire, but did indicate that the structure was likely a complete loss.

The structure was located next to the main house on the property, which did not experience damage from the fire.

“The main structure house is fine, this (fire) was a house that was built many years ago,” Bean said.