Campaign War Chests Offer Some Opportunities

Familiar faces have the money to perhaps sway elections this fall — or even the primary on June 25 — but thus far are staying out of the races.

Former state Sen. Catharine Young has by far the most money of any active campaign committee in the 57th state Senate District. The same is true of retiring Mayor Sam Teresi in Jamestown in relation to the three men vying to replace the city’s 20-year mayor.

Cathy Young for Senate entered 2019 with $536,553 and received $12,024.15 in miscellaneous receipts. After spending $4,292.07 on minor expenses earlier this year, the campaign committee ended the January reporting period with $544,285.23 available.

Teresi entered the January 2019 filing period with $17,754.39 in his Friends of Sam Teresi account. David Wilfong, Andrew Liuzzo and Edward Sundquist haven’t yet raised that amount of money collectively. Through early January, the only contributions the Friends of Sam Teresi has made were to the city of Jamestown to help pay a Babe Ruth fee, advertising in the Jamestown Marching Band’s fall program, purchasing Jamestown Rebels season tickets and Jamestown Jackals tickets that were donated to the Winifred Crawford Dibert Boys and Girls Club.


Borrello opened with a $22,681 opening balance and received $12,359 in cotnributions while spending $21,798.20. He closed the 11-day pre-primary filing period with $13,242.19 available.

Borrello’s contributions from May and June come largely from Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties. Of the 52 transactions, only five came from outside the two counties. Borrello’s spending came in the form of two radio advertising buys totaling roughly $20,000.

Curtis Crandall, the Cattaraugus County Republican challenging Borrello in the June 25 Republican Party primary, opened the 11-day pre-primary reporting period with $9,370.98 available, raised another $4,550 and spent $8,196.61, closing the reporting period with $5,724.37 available.

Crandall’s biggest expense during the reporting period was the purchase of 2,000 lawn signs at a cost of $6,432. Fundraising has been effective for Crandall in Cattaraugus and Allegany counties; none of Crandall’s 38 individual campaign contributions came from Chautauqua County.

Austin Morgan, the Democrat who will run against either Crandall or Borrello, has nothing listed in the state campaign finance database.


According to the 32-day pre-primary report, David Wilfong raised $1,250 and spent $1,184, closing the period with $183.04 to spend. Wilfong’s money went toward lawn signs.

Liuzzo, meanwhile, doesn’t appear in the state Board of Elections’ campaign finance databases. Sundquist also doesn’t appear in the databases yet.


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