Officials Send Registration Notices To Landlords

So far the response to the new landlord rental registration form has been positive.

On Monday, Vince DeJoy, city development director, said notices of the city’s new rental registration policy were sent to landlords late last week.

He said by the end of the business day Monday, his office had already received 100 rental registrations.

DeJoy said since announcing the new rental registration policy last month, city officials have received several inquires. One of the frequent questions is if someone owns a two-apartment rental house that they are allowing family to stay at do they have to fill out the new landlord registration form. DeJoy said people who own property in this case do have to fill out the registration because the house is a rental.

Last month, city officials announced the new rental registration form and policy. If a landlord doesn’t fill out the rental registration form, an automatic exterior inspection and appearance ticket to city court will be issued.

DeJoy said there will be three ways to submit a rental registration form. One way will be online through the city’s website at jamestownny.net; the second way will be to download a PDF form that can be emailed or mailed to city officials; and the third way is to visit the city clerk’s office and fill out the paper form. Information on the rental registration form includes the property address; number of rental units; does the landlord have liability/fire/property insurance; and owner contact information.

The information from the rental registration will be kept in a database that will be easily accessible to city officials in case of an emergency at the rental property.

This isn’t the first time city officials have tried to increase the number of people compliant in filling out the rental registration form.

In August 2016, city officials told The Post-Journal of the 6,352 rental units in the city, only 1,691 landlord registrations had been filed.

A majority of the landlords in Jamestown don’t live in the city and oftentimes they are large corporate entities, Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, said last month. He said city officials would like the contact information for the people with “boots on the ground” who are watching over these properties owned by landlords who don’t live in the area.

DeJoy said there are more than 11,300 properties in the city, with more than 3,000 being rental properties. Of those rentals, some have multiple units.

Teresi said after the new rollout of the rental registration form, the requirement will be annual and will accompany the property owner’s tax bill.


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