‘A Good Thing For Everybody’

Busti Votes To Help Lakewood, Celoron With Herbicides

Chautauqua Lake as seen from town of Busti shores. P-J file photo

LAKEWOOD — “The DEC has told us no permits in Busti,” Town Supervisor Jesse Robbins said at Monday’s board meeting.

With that knowledge, town board members unanimously agreed to financially assist two villages with money the town had originally planned to spend treating its own waters with herbicides Navigate and Aquathol K later this month.

Via the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation and awarded through the Chautauqua Lake and Watershed Management Alliance, a $10,000 grant had been awarded to the town of Busti for this year’s herbicide applications. As that money can no longer be used for Busti applications, Robbins shared the idea of giving the grant to Celoron.

“I would like to pass that grant on,” Robbins said. “We’re going to use it (for Chautauqua Lake) one way or another.”

According to another stipulation in the grant, it seems that Busti might not be able to receive the grant in order to give it to a permitted municipality, Celoron, in the first place. Lakewood trustees Ted McCague and Randy Holcomb said an alliance official noted that only an organization permitted to apply herbicides can receive the grant.

Busti Town Supervisor Jesse Robbins explains his proposal to tentatively allocate a $10,000 Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation grant to assist the village of Celoron with herbicide treatments.

The terms of the grant could change, according to Busti Town Board members who are involved with the alliance. Since the alliance meets Thursday, it remains to be seen whether the alliance board will vote and decide to allow Busti to give the grant to Celoron to assist with the village’s applications. If that is not allowed, what happens to the grant money is unknown.

For the time being, board members unanimously voted to give the grant money to Celoron if they are able. Celoron trustees will vote on herbicide applications later today without knowing if they can count on the grant from the town of Busti.

As the town also allocated $20,000 separate from the Sheldon Foundation grant for Chautauqua Lake upkeep, the board had to decide what to do with the line item. For organizations, board members unanimously voted to allocate $7,000 to the Chautauqua Lake Association, $1,000 for the Chautauqua Lake Partnership and $2,000 for the lake alliance through membership fees.

Board members unanimously voted to have the remaining $10,000 go toward paying for some of Lakewood’s herbicide applications, under the stipulation that the village will use all of its line item funds allocated for herbicides to pay for as much as it can.

“We’re going to treat everything we can get,” McCague promised and expressed his gratitude at the town meeting.

How Lakewood trustees will vote on herbicide applications will be revealed at a special meeting this morning. Robbins thanked Holcomb for helping coordinate the plan to have the village use the town’s no longer needed funds set aside for maintenance of Chautauqua Lake.

“I think it’s a good thing for everybody,” Robbins said.

In other news, town board member Todd Hanson said that the town’s solar panels have produced more solar power than expected in their first month of operation. He said the town will potentially be able to budget more flexibly in the future since solar is “already paying for itself.”

The town is also awarding Alexis Barron, Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, a letter of acknowledgment for her achievements. Her service project consisted of building a floating dock for the Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association.

Michael Gleason, the town fire code inspector, submitted a letter of resignation and cited a busy schedule as the main reason he felt he couldn’t commit enough time to the job. The town of Busti will again post the job while Gleason agrees to help out before a new hire is found, Building Inspector Jeffrey Swanson said.

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