Writing Their Own History

Local Individuals Leave Impact

As Black History Month reflections come to a close, African-American community members also focus on the future of how people of color continue to impact the Jamestown area and carve out their individual pieces of history.

Celebration of a culture or ethnicity extends to people’s everyday lives, something Sue Blake wants to express by highlighting the lives of different black individuals in the local community every year.

An Emmanuel Baptist Church Youth Group leader, Blake has helped bridge black representation with the greater Jamestown area.

“This is an opportunity to show the different gifts that so many of our African-Americans from the city of Jamestown have achieved along with the positive effects that it brings to our communities and city,” Blake said.

Four Jamestown natives and lifetime members of the Emmanuel Baptist Church have walked very different paths in the greater community and have made a variety of positive impacts throughout the city of Jamestown, state of New York and beyond.


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