Woman Of The Year

Trosper Named Recipient Of Annual Award By Council

Previous recipients at the 63rd annual Woman of the Year banquet held on Monday. Beth Trosper was named the 2019 recipient of the award. Pictured in front, from left, are June Diethrick (2005 winner), Trosper (2019), Charlotte Carlson (2004), Lillian Ney (2003). Pictured in back, from left, are Janet Forbes (2017), Marcia Bliss (2012), and Carol Drake (2016). Photos by Daryl Simons Jr.

“I hadn’t the slightest clue,” Beth Trosper proclaimed after discovering the well-kept secret that she was the 2019 Woman of the Year.

The 63rd annual Woman of the Year was announced Monday at the Marvin Community House in Jamestown. A banquet was provided prior to the announcement by the Jamestown Interclub Council for this year’s recipient. Her family was in attendance, but unknown to Trosper, they didn’t appear until the announcement was officially made.

Initially, they had invited her up to talk about the progress made on the renovations being done to the Marvin House.

“I can’t believe my family kept quiet,” she said. “We were just at our sister’s yesterday for breakfast, and there’s no secrets in our family.”

It has been known for about a week that Trosper was the soon-to-be recipient, and that included her family members. The surprising nature of the announcement certainly shocked Trosper, immediately looking around the room as soon as she heard her name called, eyes welling up as a smile crept across her face.

Trosper speaking shortly after discovering that she was the recognized as the 2019 Woman of the Year.

Trosper then redirected the recognition back to the community.

“There’s so many of you sitting here right now, and you all do so much in this community,” she said. “I found out that the richest thing that goes on with the women in the Jamestown area is that you all do so much here. That’s what makes this area so rich and endearing, that’s why people stay here. It’s a wonderful place.”

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, state Assemblyman Andy Goodell and former state Sen. Cathy Young all provided forms of recognition and memorabilia as a congratulation to Trosper for being this year’s Woman of the Year. County Executive George Borrello offered a proclamation that named March 25 as Bethany Jane Trosper day in Chautauqua County.

Her recognition this year was not without merit. Though she is not a Jamestown native, originally from New Jersey, she was raised in Cohocton, N.Y., relocated out to the Midwest and then moved to the Chautauqua County area in 2005.

Over the years, Trosper has worked as an elementary and pre-school teacher in Illinois and Indiana, and also as a caseworker and supervisor at the Illinois Department of Human Services for 24 years.

Trosper continued her work in eduction through her volunteer involvement with the Bemus Point Elementary School for five years, at the Bemus Point Library and Study Club as a member and contributor and the Sunset Bay Book Club also as a member and contributor.

Her other volunteering experience is even more expansive, as she has been very active with Philanthropic Educational Organization, International, assisting with and contributing to scholarships, as a corresponding secretary and a delegate to the state convention

“She never seems to run out of good things to do for others, whether they are groups or individuals, and her energy is truly unlimited,” said Sue Schifano and Rosemary Lombardo, chair of selection committee and president of Marvin House respectively.

For the Marvin House, Trosper has been a member since 2006. She has also been president of the Board of Directors for the past two years with much success merging previous boards; a member of the Board of Trustees, chair of Special Events Community as well as of Holiday Joy for three years; co-chair of the Inter Club Council.

Schifano and Lombardo added: “She has given to the House unparalleled amounts of time, energy, and contributions, and wealth of ideas. The Marvin House succeeds and benefits the entire community because of many farsighted and devoted women, but not many posses the energy, commitment, and giving nature of this candidate.”

Noted was Trosper’s chairmanship of the Grants Committee; she has spent hundreds of hours gathering information, preparing bids, meeting with contractors and committees, applying for grants and overseeing work on major ongoing exterior renovations on the Marvin House.

Someone jokingly asked her family if they ever see Beth, as she has been and continues to be so active within the community, and thus, doesn’t have that much time at home. Those in attendance proceeded in laughter, as did Trosper.

“You can’t believe how happy this made me, and I am so appreciative. And I’ll try to work harder,” Trosper said.