St. John’s Church Fish Fry Brings Community Together

Volunteers help out at St. John’s Church fish fry. The event continues each Friday until Good Friday for Lent. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

Lent is near, which means the St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Jamestown began hosting its annual fish fry event.

“This started more than 25 years ago, basically, as a way to build the community together,” Father Dennis Mende said. “It’s become an annual event which attracts people from all over the community.”

The fish fry continues its tradition each Friday until Good Friday for Lent.

Mende wasn’t sure when the tradition officially began, but was certain it was long before he started 20 years ago.

He said the event often brings individuals from the community back together serving as its own reunion.

“The best part about this is bringing people together,” Mende said.

All proceeds go back to the church. Mende said a charity is often selected to donate to when the religious event has concluded.


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