Longtime Carroll Highway Superintendent Recognized

Carroll Town Highway Superintendent Tom Allison, left, sits next to Water Supervisor Dan Sisson as the former is recognized for his services. P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

FREWSBURG — Carroll Town Highway Superintendent Tom Allison was officially recognized for his services as he officially announced his retirement, effective Dec. 30.

However, he won’t be gone long as he will be reappointed to his position for the upcoming year, so the vacancy will be filled until someone new can be elected and instated for 2020. Allison will finish his time as highway superintendent completely by the end of 2019.

The town council unanimously accepted his retirement and will reappoint him once the new year begins. Town Supervisor Laura Smith and the remaining council members all thanked Allison for his service.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you and the Town of Carroll residents for the past 19 years,” Allison’s retirement statement read. “It’s been a very gratifying experience.”

He’ll serve for an even 20 years before he fully leaves the position.

In other news, a public hearing was hosted so that residents could ask questions about the new comprehensive plan for the town. No one specifically asked questions about the plan as presented, and the council will not vote on it until January’s meeting, leaving time for interested residents to look up the plan on the town website or ask for a copy at the town office.

One resident inquired about the zoning code because he said his residential property has been taxed as a commercial property for years. Councilman Ken Dahlgren said updating the zoning code would be one of the top priorities for the town council in 2019.

“It’s at the top of the list of things to change,” Dahlgren said. “Our zoning code is going to get ammended.”

Goals summarized in the comprehensive plan include:

¯ having a community that is welcoming to all residents while combining open communication and beneficial partnership opportunities

¯ supporting and enhancing social and recreational opportunities for all age groups

¯ providing meaningful volunteer opportunities and celebrating the contributions of volunteers, community organizations, clubs and religious institutions

¯ responding and operating in an open manner to provide efficient and effective public services

¯ training planning and zoning boards in pertinent topics and problem-solving techniques

¯ keeping town planning updated

¯ maintaining safe roads free of traffic congestion

¯ having the zoning, code enforcement and permit processes operate in a resopnsive, fair and timely manner

¯ consolidating services with neighboring municipalities when appropriate

¯ encouraging that agricultural activities and farmlands are maintained

¯ maintaining the rural and small town character of Carroll

¯ conserving streams, forests and other natural resources

¯ addressing business development and business corridor issues and facilitating the process through additional planning

¯ expanding tourism and promoting waterfront areas and connected businesses

¯ providing grant writing and professional development resources to town residents

¯ delivering high quality telecommunication services available for personal and business use and

¯ partnering with local organizations to create a branded destination for the community.

Smith also said she would contact National Grid, a utility provider, in response to the group’s propsoal to replace traditional street lights with more energy efficient LED lights. A total of $10,095 is being offered as an energy incentive, which is projected to cover the costs of a conversion to LED lighting in the town.