Calves Who Fell Off Truck Found On I-86

Adam Johnson of Bemus Point photographs a calf he found Tuesday morning in Ohio. Submitted photo

Police in New York and Pennsylvania found themselves asking the public “Where’s the beef?”

Several young cows were found wandering Interstate 86 after they apparently fell out of the back of a truck early Tuesday. The first calf was found in the westbound lane of the interstate around 3:50 a.m. near Sherman.

That prompted the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office and Pennsylvania State Police to urge motorists to remain vigilant for the calves. An investigation determined that a truck somehow lost some of the animals while traveling the Southern Tier Expressway.

A few of the calves were injured when they fell from the unknown vehicle, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Five of the animals were located in the Sherman area and were taken by a local farmer for the time being. Three other calves were located over the state line in Pennsylvania and were also taken by a local farmer there, the Erie Times-News reported citing state police.

However, it appears some of the calves were also lost in Ohio. Adam Johnson, a Bemus Point resident who was on his way to Cincinnati on Tuesday, said he saw a calf in the road around 8 a.m. near Andover, Ohio.

“I just saw this cow walking down the side of the road,” Johnson told The Post-Journal. “I got off at the exit and came back around, and it was just standing there real calm.”

Johnson said he took the animal, which had on a yellow tag, to a nearby farm and spoke to a woman who said she heard that a few calves had fallen off a truck traveling through the area. He left the calf with a farmer next door who found one himself.

“The calf I found looked healthy — no injuries that I could see,” Johnson said. “The other one the farmer got had some road rash I guess.”

Anyone who finds a calf is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 753-2131 or the Pennsylvania State Police at 814-898-1641.