The Beer Snob Holds Grand Opening For Downtown Location

The Beer Snob held its grand opening Monday. The beer store is located on Washington Street in Jamestown. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

The Beer Snob, a beer store with a bar in it, opened its doors in downtown Jamestown in the former Vikings Lodge building where owner Marty Schwab urged future customers to simply “be cool” on Monday.

Located at 318 Washington St., The Beer Snob offers 36 craft beer selections on tap and 77 different types of bottles and cans. The beer store offers 50 to-go options as well in the form of six packs; big bottles, larger than 16 ounces; and “crowlers,” a 32-ounce sealed can filled with craft beer.

“The concept of having a beer store/tap room with a little kitchen in it is catching on around the country, and I figured I’d bring one to Jamestown,” Schwab said.

Schwab fell in love with the building that is owned by his father, James Schwab, and has grander plans for the second and third floors, but right now his focus is on The Beer Snob, which is phase one in a three-phased project. He currently employs 12 people, including himself.

The tap house does not have any servers to tend to tables or take orders. It does, however, have beer tenders at the bar who will take your order.

The Beer Snob offers 36 craft beer selections and 77 different types of bottles and cans. The grand opening was held Monday. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

Schwab said his business will only offer the “harder to get beers and the stuff you necessarily wouldn’t find in any other bar in town or in a 7-Eleven, or a Tops or a Wegmans.”

The Beer Snob also has a kitchen offering food like a grilled cheese sandwich but is “making it awesome,” as Schwab put it. There are various appetizers, sandwiches, charcuterie boards and a section of tater tots served in different styles on the menu. Also, at any given time, there are complimentary nachos available for customers.

“It’s something new, it’s something different,” Schwab said.

Schwab is originally from Falconer and moved away after graduating from Falconer Central School. He’s been around the country to places like Seattle, Wash., and Tampa Bay, Fla., but the opportunity to open a business in Jamestown brought him back.

“I’ve been watching this natural progression of downtown (Jamestown) and figured it was the right time to come back home and see what we could do to help grow downtown Jamestown,” he said.

And as Jamestown grows, Schwab said his business will evolve. He said the beer menu and food menu will always be changing. Also, the beer store doesn’t have physical paper menus as customers are referred to the website or corresponding phone applications. Additionally, The Beer Snob owner will look to reduce and recycle and admitted that there’s typically a lot of waste in the business he just entered.

“The long-term goal is to continue to evolve and keep offering Jamestown different options,” he said. “We never let anything get stale. Once I start to get bored with something, then we shift and move and I have such a talented staff. … These guys are incredible.

“The menu will constantly be evolving,” he continued. “Today, I heard time and time again how many people thought it was awesome.”

Schwab didn’t want to put a label on what category his business fit into, but wants the environment of The Beer Snob to be comfortable, fun and entertaining.

“Our tagline is, ‘We’re serious about beer and not much else.’ … My only rule is, be cool,” he said. “And what I mean by ‘be cool,’ is come in and enjoy yourself. We are a no-drama facility.”

For more information and hours for the beer store with a bar in it, visit or its social media sites.