Goodell Speaks To TEA Party Patriots

The Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots met recently at the Lakewood American Legion.

Guests included Assemblyman Andy Goodell and Colin Johnson. A Prager video informed how activists want to re-label Columbus Day as “Indigenous Day.” Ninety-five percent of whites died from infection, not genocide.

Assemblyman Andy Goodell, R-Jamestown, said five bills introduced in the Assembly pose serious problems for the state:

¯ Single payer health care, Goodell said, would result in a complete government takeover of all health care. Private insurance, health care savings accounts, and insurance provided by businesses would be illegal at a cost, Goodell said, of $4.6 billion in hidden taxes on health care insurance making it the third-largest tax in New York state. Goodell advocates capitalism and opening up competition, interstate competition, and allowing individuals to choose among options.

¯ Sanctuary State. Currently, it is illegal for state law enforcement to deport illegal aliens who have been arrested and convicted. Governor Andrew Cuomo pardoned 30,000 convicted felons and illegal aliens so they would not face deportation. Goodell advocates criminal background checks for illegal aliens, no health care and no welfare.

¯ Dream Act. This is a “nightmare,” said Goodell. Illegal aliens receive maximum tuition assistance at taxpayer expense. Many illegals work “under the table,” report no income, and pay no taxes. Goodell proposes no reward for those engaged in tax fraud.

¯ Recreational Marijuana. Marijuana has a deleterious effect on the developing brain resulting in lower school performance. In Colorado, teen use doubled. Washington state saw accidents increase by 46 percent. Marijuana has the same carcinogenic toxins as cigarettes. “I’m not high on marijuana,” quipped Goodell.

¯ Environment. A focus must be on “balance,” said Goodell. The bill would eliminate all greenhouse gases, posing a problem for agriculture, which emits 8.6 percent. “If the Senate switches,” warned Goodell, “these bills will pass.

Colin Johnson, who earned a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA, spoke to the group on how government policy negatively influenced his career and his ability to make money and build wealth. The majority of his career has been in motion control and the automation industry where he works with customers and field sales persons to design engineered products in the northeast. “The Obama years were the worst eight years of my career,” Johnson said.

Trump’s election, followed by tax cuts and reduction of regulations, resulted in industrial business demand skyrocketing. Currently, U.S. factories can’t find sufficient workers to hire. Low energy prices could make the United States the most attractive country for manufacturing beyond the year 2020, he said.


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