Comedy Festival Goers Share Wish List

Local residents and those from out of town shared their “wish list” for future Lucille Ball Comedy Festivals. P-J photo by Jordan Patterson

Thousands of locals and tourists roamed the streets of Jamestown for block parties and highly anticipated performances from the likes of famous comedians Lewis Black, Amy Schumer, Saturday Night Live originators and Lily Tomlin.

Despite all the talent pouring in, festival participants can still dream as they make their wish list of who they would like to see perform in future years during the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.

“I like most comedians,” said Sally Stier, a resident from Buffalo who had come to see Black perform Wednesday. She said she would like to see Jim Gaffigan take the stage.

Mary Maxwell, neighborhood project manager at the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, professed her enjoyment of the street festivities during this year’s comedy festival. She said she would bring back Richard Pryor if he was still alive.

“Everybody in the town has been working so hard,” Maxwell said.

Thousands of locals and tourists visited the Jamestown area for this year’s Lucille Ball Comedy Festival. Many share some of their hopes for future festivals, including specific comedians such as Adam Sandler. “I like most comedians,” said Sally Stier, a resident from Buffalo. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

Debbie Basile, a Jamestown native, said there was “something for everybody” at this year’s comedy festival. Citing the block parties, riverwalk and performances, Basile said, “(the festival) is very accommodating for a mixed crowd.”

She would love to see David Letterman or Chevy Chase invited to perform in the future.

Marcia Restivo volunteered for the first time at this year’s comedy festival.

While handing out wristbands to those who were of age to drink alcohol at the block parties, Restivo said she was excited to see the momentum Jamestown was experiencing.

Excited to see Schumer this year, Restivo would also like to see Jerry Seinfeld come back to Jamestown.

“I love all forms of comedy,” Restivo said.

Kurt Warner from Albany said he would like to see more family-friendly comedy come to Jamestown. Personally, he would love to see the likes of Joe Pesci, Ray Romano and Sinbad appear on the Jamestown stage.

Dunkirk resident Sue Dietzen came to Wednesday’s block party outside of the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts because she is the mother of the bass player of The Untouchables band. She said Dan Aykroyd was a good choice for this year’s festival and echoed Restivo’s desire to bring back Seinfeld in future years.

“Unfortunately, George Carlin isn’t around,” said Dietzen, who wished she could bring back the deceased comedy legend.

Theresa McDonough of Bemus Point also expressed she is a fan of Carlin. McDonough came to see Black and enjoy the street festivities.

“Adam Sandler would be great to bring here,” McDonough said.

Maria Bonford agreed with her boyfriend David Miligi of Youngstown, Ohio that Patton Oswalt would be a good fit for a future festival. The couple also expressed interest in seeing Rachel Feinstein as a solo act. Feinstein joined Schumer on stage during Friday’s performances at the Northwest Arena.

A husband and wife, Tim and Michele Bain, from Springville grew up in Dunkirk and came back for this year’s comedy festival. Having grown up in the 1970s, they experienced the original SNL cast on weekends. They said they would enjoy seeing more comedians from their time growing up. Michele said Robin Williams would be a dream if anything was possible.

The Bains were excited to see Schumer perform and also enjoyed the week’s block parties.