Local Stores Allow Residents To Cool Off

Clear View Pools and Spas owner Scott Axelson stands next to a Maytronics Dolphin pool-cleaning robot as customers browse his other pool supplies at his Fairmount Avenue location. Axelson’s store offers above ground and inground pools for customers to make it through the sweltering summer months. P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

It seemed like 2018 was going to be a cool year, what with a late winter and cooler spring months. But as is the nature of summer, hotter temperatures have rolled in, urging Chautauqua County residents to cool off the best way they know how.

For many, the options lie in wind and water. While fans and air conditioners are sure to fly off the shelves, pools have become a seasonal trend, a sales parabola that Scott Axelson, owner of Clear View Pools and Spas in Jamestown, sees every year.

Sales for above ground pools typically kick in during early May with a rise toward late May and early June before tapering off in mid-summer. Inground pools have more consistent sales throughout the year as they see further use into the fall season.

One challenge Axelson experienced this year was having enough time to sell and install pools. Since April was so cold, hardly any early sales were made then, leaving his staff to focus on May and June more than usual.

“For pool sales themselves, the biggest months are May and into June,” Axelson said.

As people are preparing for the Fourth of July holiday week, a small spike in sales is expected. Clear View sells chemicals, heaters, solar products, pool toys, cleaning supplies and liners for pools.

Inground pools are lifetime investments whereas above ground pools typically last for 15 to 20 years, still a future investment for hot summers to come.

For customers deciding between the two types of pools, Axelson notes that inground pools can allow for diving and cement decking. Typically less costly, above ground pools can be equipped with decks as well, but that is usually a costly addition.

With a shorter 2018 pool season, the pool-buying process was compressed this year. More skilled labor is required to install pools for customers. Inground pools have more time to be installed; November is the cut-off for installation as heated inground pools are often used into the fall months.

“It’s a good season; it just started late,” Axelson said.

Axelson of Clear View has products in stock he thinks the public will be excited by, including pool-cleaning robots called Dolphins by Maytronics and UV light sanitation systems that use low levels of chlorine and can be self-installed.

Clear View is open seven days per week and is available for those who want to look into a new pool. Chautauqua Pools and Power Sports is another location where the public are welcome to visit and explore the wares offered, including above ground and inground pools.

In other cooling news, sales of fans and air conditioner units are beginning to kick in at Everyday’s True Value in Jamestown. Store officials reported that most customers don’t start buying cooling elements until they start to get uncomfortable.

True Value also provides small pools with an accompanying sale over the Fourth of July holiday and surrounding week.

Most people in town often wait until there is a heat crisis to buy fans or pools, True Value management said. It was suggested that prospective customers buy what they need to cool off in anticipation if they haven’t already.