Reed: Time To Hold China Accountable

From the 2020 census to tariffs and immigration, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed hit a lot of topics with reporters on Monday.

During an afternoon media call, Reed, R-Corning, tackled issues that have been in the headlines in the past few days.

Reed talked about issues being raised regarding the upcoming census, which will reportedly include a question about a person’s citizenship. He said getting an accurate count is important when determining the number of representatives a district or state gets at the congressional level, as well as reimbursement formulas that are dependent on the population number.

“I’m confident they’ll work through whatever issues that are being raised and brought to the attention of the commerce department,” Reed said. “I’m confident that the secretary will get this right and (that we’ll find) an accurate number that reflects the number of people that reside across America in various states and districts.”

In New York state, Reed said it would be a good idea to “stop developing and passing policies that seem to be driving people from the state.”

“It wasn’t too long ago that we saw 45 representatives, for example, in New York state, and now we’re down to 27,” he said. “We’re projected to lose even more – that is not a good sign, that is a sign that policies aren’t working and are driving people out of state because of a lack of opportunity.”

On Sunday, President Donald Trump tweeted about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the southern border of the U.S. Trump said DACA is “dead because the Democrats didn’t care or act, and now everyone wants to get onto the DACA bandwagon.” He said it “No longer works,” and that a wall must be built and the borders must be secured.

When asked about DACA, Reed said he believes the president has made it “very clear” he is willing to compromise with “those DACA kids.”

“The Problem Solvers Caucus … came up with a reasonable solution that I think could get bi-partisan support if we could get it to the floor of the Senate and get this moving forward,” he said. “Bottom line, right now, it seems as if maybe many in the position of power from the left and the right have decided that extremism is the way to move forward on this issue and bogged this down into politics. That’s a shame.”

Reed said there are 800,000 individuals involved with DACA that need to be addressed. He said he has done his due diligence when it comes to DACA in the district.

“There’s only 200 of them in the district, but even 200 of them is something I care deeply about,” he said. “I want to get this resolved.”

However, Reed said the issue also involves reforming the system and making sure that the border works in more than just a short-term fix.

“You need to fix the problem that caused the kids to come into existence to begin with,” he said. “That’s why border security is a key component of this issue, and I think everyone on both sides of this issue, Democrats and Republicans, understand that is the compromise that needs to be had.”

Reed also addressed the Chinese tariffs that came in response to tariffs from the U.S. last month, such as those on importing steel and aluminum. He said the tariffs are “not unexpected.”

“As we go down this trade agenda that is being deployed by the administration that clearly is disruptive and wants to change the status quo of our trade positions with China and other trading partners, we anticipate this type of action,” Reed said. “I think people want access more to the American market and the economy that is represented in America, and that will serve us well as we go through this process.”

Reed said the U.S. had favorable results with renegotiating trade agreements with South Korea that allowed more access for U.S. steel products as well as milk products.

“I see relief that is given to American export products where we open up the field in a fair and even way,” he said. “I think that’s exactly what you’ll see with China. In regards to what you’ll see when we go toe-to-toe to the Chinese unfair practices and American practices, there is no doubt in my equation that China has been completely one-sided (with) unfair practices, and it’s time to hold them accountable.”


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