City Hires Wayfinding Project Consultant

City officials are continuing to revolutionize Jamestown into a smart city that engages its citizens and visitors through its infrastructure electronically.

Recently, the Jamestown City Council passed a resolution to hire Bergmann Associates of Rochester for $72,000 for consulting services for the design of a project titled “Smart Tourism Transportation in Jamestown.” The Transportation Alternatives Program/Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant will fund the “Smart Tourism” initiative to develop signage to help people navigate downtown easier so they travel less by vehicle.

Earlier this year it was announced that city officials received a $400,000 federal grant, which was allocated by the state, for wayfinding improvements. For the project, 80 percent will be funded through the federal grant with the remaining 20 percent, $100,000, being provided locally by the Gebbie Foundation.

“This is the wayfinding and parking grant called Smart Tourism Transportation Grant,” said Vince DeJoy, city development director, “The council is authorizing the hiring of the engineering consultant firm for the design and implementation.”

This isn’t the only wayfinding project that will be taking place in the city in the coming months. Last year, the state approved the city to use $610,000 of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative toward improving streetscape and pedestrian environment enhancements to create a more inviting, walkable downtown and set the stage for future investment. The proposed targeted demonstration projects will occur along Third Street between Cherry and Washington streets; Cherry Street between Third and Fourth streets; and Third Street between Pine and Spring streets. Key corridors identified in this project aim to direct pedestrian activity toward and between existing and future retail, attractions and economic drivers.