Community, Business Leaders Honored By Chamber

Award recipients and members of the Jamestown Community Chamber of Commerce are pictured following the chamber’s annual “Salute to the Finest” awards ceremony, which was held Wednesday at the Moon Brook Country Club. P-J photo by Gavin Paterniti

Some of the biggest contributors to Jamestown’s economic and business climate were recognized in a regular tradition of celebrating area difference-makers.

The Jamestown Community Chamber of Commerce held its annual “Salute to the Finest” awards ceremony Wednesday at the Moon Brook Country Club, the 15th such reception to be held in as many years.

Community leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs ranging in experience from beginner to seasoned veteran were all in attendance as the chamber honored those who have made and continue to make an impact in the Jamestown area. The event was emceed by Lee Harkness, chamber coordinator, who said the annual “Salute to the Finest” ceremony is crucial to bolstering the progress happening in and around the city while curtailing the spread of certain stigmas.

“This is a way for us to acknowledge the good that’s being done here, whether we can see it happening or not,” Harkness said. “Sometimes there’s sort of a negative attitude floating around; and when you see folks like this making an investment in Jamestown, and bringing their families and businesses here to make a new start for themselves, it kind of makes you realize that maybe Jamestown isn’t such a bad place.”

The reception saw seven awards given in total, each representing a different category and each presented by a member of the Jamestown Community Chamber of Commerce. Mark Lindstrom presented the New Business of the Year award, which went to Enchanted Mountain Spirits. The Young Business Leaders of the Year award, presented by Nickey Riczker, was received by Jeffrey and Alexandria James and Frank Besse. The Retailer of the Year Award went to Farm Fresh Foods, and was presented by Victoria Trass Bardo.

Borsari Food Company received the Jamestown Economic Development award, presented by Todd Tranum. Harkness presented the Business of the Year and Pride of Jamestown awards, which went to Jamestown Awning and Party Tents and Jamestown Community College, respectively. The Restaurant of the Year award was presented by Bill Stevenson, and received by Landmark Restaurant.

The awards ceremony was commenced and punctuated by the screening of videos by the Kranky Plate Productions company, consisting of filmmakers Kipp Reynolds and Sheridan Smith. The first video, entitled “Hello Jamestown” contained several aerial shots of the Jamestown area and interviews with community leaders highlighting the strengths of Jamestown as a community and destination. The second video, “In Your Backyard,” focused on the industrial and manufacturing backbone of the city.