Youth Vandalize City Resident’s Property

A broken window was the result of confronting area youths around Hazeltine Avenue and Baker Street, Tuesday night according to resident John Smith. Smith alleges that he kicked two white, middle or high school aged youth off his property, earlier in the month, at or around 11:30 p.m. And the teens returned to get retribution against him and other neighbors. Submitted Photo

John Smith has had enough of teenagers running rampant around his neighborhood.

The Hazeltine Avenue resident has reported to Jamestown Police officers that at least two white, middle school or high school youth are making life difficult for some of the street’s residents.

“I caught two kids climbing a tree in my yard not too long ago, and I told them to leave,” Smith said. “It was like 11:30 p.m. or so. They left and then came back with a vengeance.”

Smith submitted pictures to The Post-Journal of the alleged retribution taken upon his house and property. A broken window, from a soda cup, filled with rocks, and chucked full blast at his window, courtesy of the unidentified teens.

“They went to the 24-hour convenience store, got a “Big Gulp Drink “, drank it, then filled it with rocks and chucked it at my house,” he said. “By the time I was able to get up and look, all I could see was the outline of the teen’s bodies. And I could hear them laughing. So, I called the police and made a report.”

John Smith’s residence was recently vandalized by allegedly two, white, middle or high school aged kids Tuesday evening, resulting in a broken window. The alleged criminals have been causing trouble for the neighborhoods around Hazeltine Avenue and Baker Street. Submitted photo

However, Smith also states that he’s not the only one in the neighborhood who’s feeling the wrath of the kids.

“An older lady, who walks her dog past my house, often stopped and told me that she believes these same teens are the ones who’ve caused damage to her house as well,” he said. “She told me that they kicked in her storm door, to the point she had to use a crowbar to open the door.”

According to Jamestown Police officials the acts of vandalism are currently under investigation.


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