Some Clymer Projects Take Small Steps Forward, Others At Stand Still

The town of Clymer has a few projects taking small steps forward, with no movement on others. P-J photo by Sara Holthouse

CLYMER — Some of the town of Clymer’s projects over the last few months have taken small steps forward, while some others are at a stand still for the moment.

The town’s second solar project set for Clymer Hill Road and being done by Clean Choice Energy was set to be voted on at the June meeting but was pushed back a month because of the need to finish up paperwork. Other projects, such as the comprehensive plan and ARPA funds are slowly moving forward. The only update with the comprehensive plan was that town board member Levi Swanson has begun working with Nate Uldrich from the County Planning department. With the ARPA funds, the sidewalk project for the town has begun as of Wednesday June 12.

“Actually we just got notice when we walked into the meeting here that the majority of this money is going to get spent because they start the sidewalks tomorrow,” Town Supervisor Brian Willink said. “So, they got delayed a little bit because of the weather like everybody else. They were originally going to start last Tuesday, but now they’re going to start tomorrow.”

For the town’s community building, Willink said he had gotten a call from the USDA and received information that “some money is coming down the line for community centers.” The town needs to apply for the grant, but Willink said there will be a lot of hoops to jump through. An income study that the town has done has helped with that.

“That income study that Matt mentioned came in handy because originally when the USDA was looking at this with us when they reached out they said ‘we’d love to help Clymer but you are above the income threshold’,” Willink said. “And I said ‘wait a minute, we have an income study we just did last October.’ I showed them we are underneath the threshold.”

Willink said he emailed them and received a phone call within five minutes saying that is what they needed and could proceed with the grant.

Other projects such as the battery storage moratorium and working on the Clymer Pond there have been no word about. Willink said for the pond they have found no money available and the board has no money to spend on it, so they may remove it from discussion on agendas for further meetings.


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