Jamestown Oncology Location, Arkwright Property For Trail Among County Sales

RPCI Oncology, PC of Buffalo purchased 21 Porter Ave., Jamestown for $598,000. No changes of operation have been announced. P-J photo by Gregory Bacon

A cancer treatment center in Western New York is the owner of a facility in Jamestown.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate sales in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the transactions from April 11-19.

During this time period, Ibabao Realty, LLC of Lakewood sold 21 Porter Ave., Jamestown to RPCI Oncology, PC of Buffalo for $598,000.This is the location of Jamestown Medical Oncology & Hematology, which is a Roswell Park Care Network member.

Roswell has been connected to this location for several years. In 2013, Jamestown Medical Oncology Hematology LLC (JMOH) and Roswell Park formalized and enhanced a partnership with a practice that began in 1997 when Jairus Ibabao, MD, who is board-certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology, began providing services to patients in the Jamestown area. Under the 2013 agreement, JMOH agreed to continue to operate from the same location, 21 Porter Ave., Jamestown, as a Roswell Park community cancer practice.

In a separate sale, DAF Land Holdings, LLC sold a parcel on Burnham Road, Arkwright to County of Chautauqua for $73,944.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER reported in November that the Chautauqua County Legislature had agreed to purchase about 40 acres of land in Arkwright from DAF Land Holdings to create a loop for the Eastside Overland Trail. The money came from the county’s Parks Capital Improvement account.

Including the previously mentioned sale, from April 11-19 there were six sales that were $250,000 or higher. The remaining top sales were as follows:

– 2658 Sunnyside Road, Mina sold for $485,000.

– 177 Ericsson Road, Kennedy sold for $406,000.

– 5084 W. Shorewood Drive, Dunkirk town sold for $379,500.

– 5118 North Hill Road, Conewango Valley sold for $310,000.

– 9327 Rt. 60, 9337 Rt. 60, a parcel on Spoden Road, and a parcel on Fredonia-Stockton Road, all in the town of Pomfret sold for $300,000.

Overall, from April 11-19, there were 91 transactions. The full list of sales higher than $1 is as follows:

APRIL 11-12

Ibabao Realty, LLC of Lakewood sold 21 Porter Ave., Jamestown to RPCI Oncology, PC of Buffalo for $598,000.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of Lynn Firth sold 658 Shadyside Road, Busti to Lynette Firth Evans for $140,000.

Howard Davis sold 10136 NE-Sherman Road, Ripley to Jeffrey Thiem for $1,900.

The trustees of The Lawhead 2019 Family Trust sold 5084 W. Shorewood Drive, Dunkirk town to Spencer and Janet Plarr for $379,500.

Kathleen Yaw sold 3257 Donelson Road, Busti to Richard and Paulette Severtson for $2,400.

Raymond and Julie McGill sold a parcel on Ramsey Road to Scott and Brenda Sampson for $60,000.

David Civilette sold 138 Lincoln Ave., Dunkirk to Caleb Lopez for $62,000.

Thomas Pintagro sold 8 Beverly Place, Jamestown to Bethanne Common for $103,700.

Paul and Darlene Miller sold 721 Wade Hill Road, Ellington to Samuel and Ella Detweiler for $200,000.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of James Noto sold 57 Tenney St., Dunkirk city and a parcel on South Roberts Road, Dunkirk town to Christopher Dass for $43,000.

Eric Dobrowski sold 37 Maple Ave., Ripley to Thomas and Holly Van Tassel for $15,000.

Middlesex Gardens, LLC of Fredonia sold 9327 Rt. 60, 9337 Rt. 60, a parcel on Spoden Road, and a parcel on Fredonia-Stockton Road, all in the town of Pomfret to Gambino Family Irrevocable Trust for $300,000.

APRIL 15-19

David Civilette sold 109 Ruggles St., Dunkirk to Yaritza Ramos Carrasquillo for $57,000.

Joyce Kightlinger and Terry Anderson sold 5821 Thorton Road, Ellington to Jason and Patricia Cook for $95,000.

James Sullivan sold 116 Deer St., Dunkirk to Maribel Ates for $60,000.

Charles Schmitzer IV sold 4233 Waterman Road, Stockton to Annamarie Damore-Bialkowski and Steven Bialkowski for $64,000.

Seasons and Greenwood Forest Condominium sold Timeshare Unit 8114, Week 24, in Building 1, Greenwood Forest Condominium to Walter and Michelle Szpilewski for $1,000.

Thomas Buczkowski sold 63 Castile Drive, Fredonia to TNT Houses to Homes, LLC of Silver Creek for $80,000.

Craig Robbins sold 887 Busti-Sugar Grove Road, Busti to James Francisco for $50,000.

Jason and Kelly DeJoe sold 37 Central Ave., Brocton to Michael Rodriguez Hernandez for $193,500.

Cathleen Farrell sold 5591 Tastor Lane, Portland to Marshall T. Hall for $35,000.

Mark and Christina Bricker, and Melvin and Wilma Byler sold 2127 Waites Corner Road, Sherman to Paul and Ella Leslein for $10,000.

David and Shelly Benjamin sold Condominium Unit No. J-7, Chautauqua Lake Estates, 14 Cayuga Drive, Chautauqua town to Todd and Laurette Maddock for $223,500.

Jason Genberg sold 215 Prospect St., Jamestown to Dena Zeman for $73,000.

Deborah Faust sold 3336 Salisbury Road, Gerry to Kimberly France for $241,000.

Marilynne Northrop sold a parcel on Lombard Road, Ripley to Spencer and Kerrigan Kruize for $10,000.

Rose Piovesan and Anthony Piovesan sold 3900 Rt. 430, Ellery to Anthony and Leslie Piovesan for $30,000.

Eddie and Mary Causebrook sold 29 First St., Westfield to Robert Loewer for $95,000.

Darlene Lander sold 454 Dodge Road, Carroll to Amanda Shaver for $126,000.

Ted and Christine Wightman sold a parcel on Miller Road, Arkwright to Karl Jr. and Amy Haist for $55,000.

James Cardone Jr. sold 13 Willow Ave., Jamestown to Gever Daniel Rodriguez Velasquez for $46,000.

Daniel and Fannie Yoder sold 5118 North Hill Road, Conewango Valley, town of Ellington, to John and Edna Hershberger for $310,000.

The trustees of the Savaree Trust sold 177 Ericsson Road, Kennedy, town of Poland, to Nelson B. S. Nobles for $406,000.

The administrator of the Estate of James Jaffray sold 416 Deer St., Dunkirk to J&G Enterprises of WNY, Inc. of Fredonia for $2,000.

John Borrello sold 636 Overhiser Road, Hanover to Justin Didas for $15,000.

David Lipari sold 118 Forest Ave. and 206 Barrett Ave., Jamestown to AJ Jamestown Properties, LLC for $172,600.

Dennis Gawronski, Linda Wingfield, Rev. Chester Gawronski, Christine Bertrando, Michael Gawronski and Kathleen Stempkowski sold 513 Plover St., Dunkirk to Kathryn Zuck for $72,685. Also, Julie Tickle, the executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Frank Gawronski Jr., sold the same address, also to Zuck, for $12,114.

DAF Land Holdings, LLC sold a parcel on Burnham Road, Arkwright to County of Chautauqua for $73,944.

Lawrence Wilcox sold 29 N. Main St., Cassadaga, to Emma Cook for $193,000.

Thomas Turner sold 107 Miller Ave., Lakewood to Lauren and Lisa Collins for $90,000.

Phillip Coletta sold a parcel on Hardenburg Road, Westfield to Portage Farms, LLC of Westfield for $19,200. He also sold them two parcels on Hawley Street, Westfield for $12,000, and another two parcels on Hawley Street for $8,400.

Jordan Angie sold 47 Kinney St., Jamestown to S&L Property Development, LLC of Bemus Point for $50,000.

Michelle Hall sold 2658 Sunnyside Road, Mina to Brian and Jennifer Haberman for $485,000.

Anthony and Lynda Sheckles sold a parcel on Plank Road, Chautauqua town to Mitchell Carutis for $65,000.

Arthur Jr. and Juanita Strine sold 10571 West Side Hill Road, Ripley to Justin and Brittany Hamels for $10,000.

Eli and Katie Shetler sold 6320 Plank Road, Chautauqua town to Tara Daniels for $134,000.

Allen Harris sold 8515 Rt. 60, Pomfret to MRR Property Solutions, LLC of West Seneca for $80,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company of Getzville sold 52 Thayer St., Jamestown to Infiniti Realty 888, LLC Glen Head, NY for $27,000.

Traci Stanton sold 3238 Dry Brook Road, Poland to Melissa Burdick for $125,000.


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