Furniture Gallery, Mobile Home Park Among Real Estate Sales

Lakewood Furniture Galleries is now under new ownership after it was sold in April. P-J photo by Gregory Bacon

A high end furniture store in the south county has new ownership.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate sales in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the transactions from April 22-30.

During that time period, Jon and Nancy Vandermolen sold 75 & 81 Fairmount Ave., Lakewood to House of Wolfgang, LLC of Lakewood for $900,000.

In a phone interview, Tom Bertges said he and his wife Patty are the new owners. They’re hoping to make a formal announcement in mid-July.

Lakewood Furniture Galleries has been in existence for 65 years. It’s a 30,000 square foot high end retail and home furniture decor destination, which operates out of an 1837 landmark.

In a separate sale, Webb’s Candies Inc. of Mayville sold 115 W. Lake Road, Mayville to Kasturi Lake JV, LLC of Dunkirk for $705,000. This is the location of Webb’s Resort. The new owners previously announced they were purchasing the hotel and mini-golf course. The sale did not include the nearby restaurant or candy store.

Also, 8 Shaver St., Ripley was sold to Hailey’s Mobile Estate, LLC of Ithaca for $100,000. This is listed on the county’s GIS website as a manufactured housing park with six sites.

Including the previously mentioned sales, from April 22-30 there were 11 sales that were $250,000 or higher. The remaining top sales are as follows:

– 4219 North Road, Ripley sold for $645,000.

– 4560 Sunrise Drive, Ellery sold for $531,000.

– 5624 W. Lake Road, Portland sold for $425,000.

– Condominium Unit J-5, Chautauqua Lake Estates, 66 Cayuga Drive, Chautauqua town sold for $322,500.

– 4406 West Lake Road, Chautauqua town sold for $316,500.

– 12 E. Terrace Ave., Lakewood sold for $291,000.

– 5501 Damon Hill Road, Gerry sold for $260,000.

– 298 Southland Ave., Lakewood sold for $255,000.

– 447 Dodge Road, Frewsburg sold for $250,000.

Overall, from April 22-30, there were 129 transactions. The full list of sales higher than $1 is as follows:

APRIL 22-26

Dawn Walton sold 150 Beechview Ave., Jamestown to Christina and Marla Schechs for $211,000.

A referee for Brian and Gloria Hobbs sold 763 Park Ave., Dunkirk to Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust for $184,826.

The executor of Caroline Margaret Wood sold 3624 Rt. 20, Sheridan to Susan Bell for $105,750.

Debbie Woodworth sold 8 Shaver St., Ripley to Hailey’s Mobile Estate, LLC of Ithaca for $100,000.

Webb’s Candies Inc. of Mayville sold 115 W. Lake Road, Mayville to Kasturi Lake JV, LLC of Dunkirk for $705,000.

Andrew Hildom sold a parcel on Stone Road, Poland to Jordan Ricotta for $10,000.

The administrator of the Estate of Virginia Anderson sold a parcel on Magnolia Avenue, Ellicott to 193 West Utica, LLC of Charlotte, NC for $3,000.

Charles Sinatra sold 502 and 504 Foote Ave., Jamestown to 502 Foote LLC of Jamestown for $135,000.

Louis and Deborah Cash sold a parcel on Union Street Extension, Westfield to Dean and Jennifer Benson for $5,000.

Edward Hopf sold 330 Nevins St., Dunkirk to Donald Wuerstle for $75,000.

Melinda Larson sold 45 Smith Ave., Celoron to Christopher and Melissa Hayes for $137,000.

Jared Giddy sold 5501 Damon Hill Road, Gerry to Robert and Kathleen Guillow for $260,000.

William Wolfe, Rexford Proctor and Jan Proctor sold three parcels on Shadyside Road, Mina to Bleu Goose, LLC of Chicago for $22,500.

Josselyn De La Mota and Mario Guzman sold 27 Price St., Jamestown to Rent Town, LLC of Greenhurst for $23,000.

Adrian Madden sold 3749 Cowing Road, Busti to Jeffrey and Wendy Spencer for $10,000.

Chautauqua County Land Bank sold 532 Columbus Ave., Dunkirk to Homayoun Ghaderi for $500.

Tracy Fardink sold a parcel on Fardink Road, North Harmony to Shawn and Lisa Regan for $25,000.

Benedicto Jimenez sold 66 W. Fifth St., Dunkirk to Pablo Santos-Lopez for $70,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. of Plano, Texas sold 459 S. Main St., Jamestown to Christopher Jock for $50,000.

Oludotun Adegoke and Faderera Oluwatobi Oyedele sold 298 Southland Ave., Lakewood to Matthew and Laura Miles for $255,000.

Sunset 66 LLC of Highland Heights, Ohio sold Condominium Unit J-5, Chautauqua Lake Estates, 66 Cayuga Drive, Chautauqua town to East Third, LLC of Pittsburgh for $322,500.

Ivan Chompalov sold 9 First St., Westfield to Daniel and Beth Hocking for $3,000.

Isaac Keim sold 5870 Welch Hill Road, Ripley to Bradley Rater for $70,000.

The executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Gary Burkland sold 10043 Patterson Lane, Portland to Michael and Robert Ork for $180,000.

Emerald Resolutions, LLC of Sumter, SC sold 847 Spring St., Jamestown to Andrew Nickerson Jr. for $22,000.

Codie D Swartz LLC of Jamestown sold 10 Thayer St., Jamestown to Ashley Gregory and Julian Fabian for $40,500.

Vincent Capizzi sold 638 Southside Avenue, Cherry Creek to Victoria Trosterud for $13,000.

James Magee sold 66 Liberty St., Jamestown to NT Property Rentals, LLC of Lakewood for $125,000. He also sold to them 208 Lincoln St., Jamestown for $50,000 and 62 Lincoln St., for $75,000.

Twinstar Development, LLC of Fredonia sold 555 South Roberts Road, Dunkirk to J&G Enterprises WNY, LLC of Fredonia for $2,000. Then J&G Enterprises WNY sold that address to Aaron Hall for $30,000.

Albert and Jean Patrizi sold 1342 Newland Ave., Jamestown to Robert and Elizabeth Paulino for $44,500.

Pamela Holmberg sold 11 West Third St., Lakewood to Melanie Yohe for $210,000.

Tabitha Venable sold 15 Middle Road, Dunkirk to Randy Jr. and Kayla Spencer for $155,000.

ZTS Residential Properties, LLC of Tonawanda sold 410 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown to Jared Miernik Jr. for $40,000.

Boniface N. Osonwanne and Bryson Hayes sold 813 Washington St., Jamestown to Mignolia Leonardo for $10,000.

Richard Latek Jr. sold 4406 West Lake Road, Chautauqua town to LWJ Concepts 2, LLC of Shaker Heights, Ohio for $316,500.

Steven and Jo Hair sold 4219 North Road, Ripley to Donnie and Ashley Kimble for $645,000.

Arthur Berlund and Sue Fiorella sold 4484 Cobb Road, Gerry to Scott and Georgiana Knott for $12,000.

Jon and Nancy Vandermolen sold 75 & 81 Fairmount Ave., Lakewood to House of Wolfgang, LLC of Lakewood for $900,000.

APRIL 29-30

Timothy Eccles sold a parcel south of on Route 394 West, Poland to the People of the State of New York through their Commissioner of Environmental Conservation for $32,000.

Vicki Kotlar and Kent Lawrence-Brown sold 461 Ericsson Road, Kennedy, town of Poland, to Brett Gray for $66,000.

Chautauqua County Land Bank Corp. sold 29 North Pangolin St., Dunkirk to Scott Thompson for $12,000.

Arthur Lariviere and Cynthia Kolbert sold 664 Triangle Drive, Irving, town of Hanover, to Cynthia Kolbert for $150,000.

Dwayne Haskins sold 147 Central Ave., Silver Creek to Ashley Coniglio for $170,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC of Getzville sold 10-12 Burgess St., Silver Creek to BG Properties & Maintenance, LLC of East Concord for $45,900.

Michael Blatt sold a parcel on Eggleston Hill Road, North Harmony to Robert Byler for $22,800.

Leticia Miller and Christopher Baird sold a parcel on Route 5, Portland to Robyn King and Julie Vandyne for $11,000.

Carol Sheldon sold a parcel on East Main Road, Brocton to David and Tina Gens for $9,500.

John Ames sold 5624 W. Lake Road, Portland to Thomas Altwies and Lillian Hahn Altwies for $425,000.

Christopher and Joanne Pembridge sold 4560 Sunrise Drive, Ellery to James and Mary Ellen Campbell for $531,000.

Jody Coulston, Amy McCall, and Lindsey Abrahams sold a parcel on Sherman-Stedman Road, Sherman to Daniel Borkholder for $55,000.

The administrator of the Estate of Ryan Howard sold 4894 Centralia-Hartfield Road, Stockton to Brian and Joann Sterner for $13,000.

Albert Neveu, Elise Fila, Daniel Neveu, Candice Lockhart and Brittney Seekford sold 18 Hanover St., Silver Creek to Steven Andrews for $155,000.

Heather Fields sold 17 W. Seventh St., Jamestown to Addi Property Services, Inc. of Jamestown for $16,700.

Cynthia Fiore sold 447 Dodge Road, Frewsburg, town of Carroll, to Elmer and Donna Daniels Revocable Trust for $250,000.

Ramon Pappalardo, Verna Kotansky, Vincent Pappalardo and Vanessa Giancola sold 105 Cole Ave., Jamestown to Barry and Colleen Brentley for $36,000.

Michael and Jessica Morrison sold 15 E. Chadakoin St., Celoron to Ryan Fuchs and Brittany Closser for $131,000.

Derek and Janice Hilldale sold 138 Prospect St., Jamestown to Sherre Spackman for $104,900.

Frank and Elizabeth Petiprin sold 231 Clyde Ave., Jamestown to David and Sonyea Greiner Bennett for $135,000.

Milagros Rivera Torres sold 200 Deer St., Dunkirk to Aaliyah and Rosalyn Ramos for $75,000.

Ernest Laemmerhirt sold 42 Arden Parkway, Jamestown to James Rasmussen III for $96,000.

Adam Glasier sold 29 Kinney St., Jamestown to Jonathan Krueger for $58,000.

Derek and Lori Svenson sold 12 E. Terrace Ave., Lakewood to Peter and Holly Sullivan for $291,000.

Chautauqua County Land Bank sold 67 Pearl Ave., Jamestown to Millie Ortiz and Hector Correa for $6,000.

Jarrett Scalise sold 276 Fairmount Ave., Jamestown to DGLPM, LLC of Pascoag, RI for $90,000.


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