Bemus Point School Remembers Longtime Teacher

Pictured is Lucille McChesney, a long time Bemus Point Elementary teacher who passed away at the beginning of May. Submitted file photo

BEMUS POINT– The Bemus Point School District recently remembered a long time teacher who passed away at the beginning of May.

Lucille McChesney taught at Bemus Point Elementary for 25 years, retiring in 1999. She passed away on May 5, at the age of 92.

“Lucille originally started as a Kindergarten teacher, then moved to teach third grade,” Superintendent Joseph Reyda said. “After she retired, she was one of the most sought after substitute teachers in the elementary school.”

Reyda said McChesney truly cared for her students, and was known to take the time to plan her lessons to be the very best.

“She was known for a Jungle Unit that transformed her classroom into an authentic jungle environment,” Reyda said. “She was also known for searching for monarch caterpillars on milkweed plants. She would bring them to her classroom for the students to watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies.”

Additionally, Reyda said the people who worked with McChesney remember her as a giver, and that she genuinely cared for all of the children she taught. He said that she and her family were a very active part of the local community.

“Lucille was referred to as a ‘gem’ by her colleagues,” Reyda said.


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