Bemus Point School District Approves Transportation Agreement With Chautauqua Lake

BEMUS POINT — The Bemus Point Board of Education has recently approved an agreement between the school and Chautauqua Lake Central School for transportation of one student to the Bloom Program at Rogers School in Jamestown.

Bemus Point Superintendent Joseph Reyda said that both schools have a student attending the Erie 2 BOCES Bloom Program, which is a year-round program, requiring them to provide transportation for the students.

“The contract allows the Chautauqua Lake bus to pick up the Bemus Point student for transportation to the Bloom Program,” Reyda said.

The Bloom Program itself is designed to serve students who have more significant mental health needs that require specialized instruction and behavioral support, according to Reyda. He added that the school districts plan on having the students make the transition back.

“The Bloom Program is designed to serve students who have more significant mental health needs requiring specialized instruction and behavioral support,” Reyda said. “This is a specialized program designed for a certain type of student. The Bloom Program provides intense instructional and behavioral interventions that students need. Our goal as a district is to eventually transition these students back to our own school buildings.”

The program began accepting students at the beginning of the current school year and Reyda said they were thankful that they accepted one of Bemus Point’s students.

Reyda added that shared transportation between districts is something the school is always open and willing to do if a situation arises that calls for it.

“We always explore sharing transportation with our neighboring school districts,” Reyda said. “Our Directors of Transportation and School Business Executives are always coordinating with one another to find creative solutions to common challenges. Shared transportation is an area for more regional collaboration among school districts. We’re thankful that so many school districts are willing to share their resources.”


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