Day Of Eclipse Went Well For Observatory

The Martz-Kohl Observatory reported a good day for the April 8 eclipse, with a clear viewing of totality. Submitted photo

FREWSBURG — The Martz-Kohl Observatory had a group of around 50 people and an extremely good viewing of totality for the April 8 eclipse.

Tom Traub, observatory vice president, reported that due to anticipating large crowds in the area the Observatory closed to the public for the day and that most people who came to the observatory for the eclipse were members. Most people in attendance were also from the general area, with the exception of a few groups such as the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Another astronomy group from New York City came to visit the day after, observing the eclipse in Westfield.

“I told them they would have more of a visual in Westfield before we knew what the conditions were for the day of the eclipse,” Traub said.

Most preparation for the eclipse for the observatory happened the day before, Traub said, with preparation on the day being specifically for the groups who came and for those who were interested in purchasing observatory merchandise.

Observation wise, Traub said the observatory had a very clear view of the eclipse.

“We did get totality,” Traub said. “We had an extremely good view. The clouds held off though it was a little cloudy. We got some extremely good pictures and some members recorded the different sounds during the eclipse.”

Traub added that other members were able to get small videos and time lapse pictures of the shadows and general darkness when the moon was fully covering the sun. Pictures and videos can be found on the Observatory’s website, martzobservtory.com.

Overall, Traub said everyone in attendance at the Observatory for the eclipse was very happy with the day.

“Everybody there was extremely pleased,” Traub said. “For most people it was their first time seeing one. For myself, it was my ninth time, and I’m still batting 100%.”


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