County IDA OKs Loan To Jamestown Furniture Company

A Jamestown furniture company is getting a loan from the county as it expands into high end commercial furniture.

During the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency meeting, board members approved a $400,000 loan to Eminence Group, Inc. for new equipment purchase at its business which is located on Allen Street.

Carol Rasmussen with the county IDA said Eminence Group, which does business as Colecraft, does custom commercial furniture for business, education, institutional, healthcare and hospitality.

They are expanding into Jagar Furniture, which was established in 2022. Jack R. makes high end furniture for law and investment firms.

“It’s a high product production brand. They’re focusing on the volume of sales. They’ve increased their business by $2.5 million in sales,” Rasmussen said.

The company is looking to buy a new equipment piece which will cost around $1 million. The new equipment will help improve production and reduce costs.

County IDA Director Mark Geise said Cole Craft has a strong history of doing business in Jamestown. “They’ve been around for a long time. This is great that they’re expanding,” he said.

The approved loan is for seven years at 4% interest. The county IDA unanimously approved the request.


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