Real Estate Sales Include Properties Neighboring Wells Enterprises

The house at 92 Newton St., which was purchased by Wells Enterprises in November, has been demolished.

Two properties in the city of Dunkirk have been sold, allowing a major manufacturer to move ahead with a planned expansion.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from Nov. 21-30.

During that time period, Michael Geary sold 824 Main St., Dunkirk to Wells Enterprises, Inc. for $300,000 and Michelle Ziegler-Boyle sold 92 Newton St., Dunkirk to Wells Enterprises, Inc. for $300,000.

In August of 2023, Wells Enterprises announced plans for the expansion of its Dunkirk manufacturing facility, which will retain more than 400 jobs and add 200 new ones. Reconstruction plans for the Wells production site show a 202,000-square-foot facility, including parking, truck bays, and green space.

Wells apparently had been seeking to purchase 820 Main Street, but the owner there, Josephine Tooley, said she wasn’t interested in selling.

Wells Enterprises has purchased 824 Main St., Dunkirk. P-J photos by Gregory Bacon

As of Wednesday, 824 Main St. was still standing but 92 Newton St. had been demolished. Crews could be seen working on the Wells project, behind the two properties, which sit around the block from one another.

Including the previously mentioned transactions, from Nov. 21-30 there were 15 sales that were $250,000 or higher. The remaining top sales are as follows:

— 2398 Shadyside Road, Mina sold for $625,000.

— 107 Mina Edison Drive, Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, sold for $555,000.

— 7777 Aldrich Hill Road, Cherry Creek sold for $480,000.

— 23 University Park, Fredonia sold for $355,000.

— 4558 West Lake Road, Dunkirk town and a parcel on Lake Shore Drive West, Dunkirk city sold for $350,000.

— 8213 Ravlin Hill Road, Clymer sold for $330,000.

— 3543 Moon Road, Ellicott sold for $300,000.

— 4926 Meadow Drive, Ellery sold for $299,000.

— 3656 Route 394, North Harmony sold for $285,000.

— 9 Parkway St., Silver Creek sold for $270,000.

— Condominium Unit No. E-4, Chautauqua Lake Estates sold for $267,500.

— 2193 Riverside Road, Kiantone sold for $263,355.

— 9516 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret sold for $250,000.

From Nov. 21-30 there were 128 transactions. The full list of sales over $1 are as follows:

Nov. 21-24

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of Ann Pollaro sold 189 Baker St., Jamestown to David Andrade for $65,000.

A referee for Christopher Byrne sold 3236 Moon Road, Ellicott to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for $47,226.

A referee for the Heirs to the Estate of Patricia Newhouse sold 83 Chautauqua St., Mayville to U.S. Bank Trust National Association for $86,424.

Neont, LLC of Jamestown sold 12-14 E. James St., Falconer to Osprey Capital Holdings, LLC of Gainesville, Va. For $79,000.

Nancy Karp sold 107 Mina Edison Drive, Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, to Jonathan and Rachel O’Brian for $555,000.

Joyce Marucci sold 319 Central Ave., Falconer to Hartson Holdings, LLC of Kennedy for $10,000.

Cheryl Oquist sold 574 Willard St., Jamestown to Daniel Orlando for $50,000.

Kevin and Heather Russell sold 2101 Rt. 426, Mina, to Daniel and Jennifer Rzodkiewicz for $28,000.

Alexandra Villafrank sold 165 Academy St., Westfield to Kathryn Bronstein for $25,000.

James Rauh and Jillian Shults sold a vacant parcel on Orr Street to Family Church of the Southern Tier, Inc. of Jamestown for $4,750.

Rom Real estate Holdings, LLC of Fredonia sold 4558 West Lake Road, Dunkirk town and a parcel on Lake Shore Drive West, Dunkirk city to Michael and Leigh Mansfield for $350,000.

Douglas II and Melissa Nelson sold Condominium Unit No. E-4, Chautauqua Lake Estates, to John and Amberly Panepinto for $267,500.

McGowan Development, LLC of Lakewood sold 3656 Route 394, North Harmony to New Green Farm, LLC of Ashville for $285,000.

Nolan Aiken sold 15 Catlin Ave., Jamestown to Jeremy Brown for $73,500.

Timothy and Linda Stanton sold 2398 Shadyside Road, Mina to Francis and Cynthia Reagan for $625,000.

Anthony Sellari, Josephine Swanson, David Sellari, Paul Sellari, and Maria Sellari sold 9808 Farel Road, Pomfret to Jose and Mary Rosario for $210,000.

James Gronquist sold 3543 Moon Road, Ellicott to Ashley and Christopher Awiszus for $300,000.

A referee for Veronica Mack sold 158 Euclid Ave., Jamestown to U.S. Bank Trust National Association for $128,201.

Julie Piazza sold 33 Adams St., Silver Creek to Jaikishan Patel for $30,000.

Joseph Proper sold 316 Stowe St., Jamestown to Nelson Family Construction, LLC of Clymer for $10,000.

Anthony Marquart sold 522 Maple Ave., Cherry Creek to Jason Syracuse for $25,549.

Allen and Cynthia Harle sold 2168 Erickson Road, North Harmony to Cynthia Harle for $5,000.

Steven and Carol Michelson sold 11 Grace St., Falconer to Zachary and Cassandra Mansfield for $159,000.

Martin and Sharon Kuhre sold 17 Clyde Ave., Jamestown to Kim Aracil-Lee and Beverly Faber for $130,000.

Scott Winterburn and Robert Winterburn sold 198 Linwood Ave., Jamestown to Steven and Carol Michelson for $125,000.

William and Kelly Fritz sold 2641 Trolley Stop Lane North Harmony to William Uhl for $100,000.

Michiah and Jaclyn Wojcinski sold 99 Center St., Fredonia to James Zadzilka for $170,000.

The executor of the Estate of Myung Sun Holland sold 105 Liberty St., Fredonia to Delmaris Erazo and Alberto Jose Alvira for $120,000.

The executors of the Last Will and Testament of Nancy Knight sold 9516 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret to Daniel and Debra Sheridan for $250,000.

NOV. 27-30

Platinum Property Acquisitions, LLC of Jamestown sold 36 Crown St., Jamestown to MSBC Holdings, LLC of Highland Beach, Fla., for $70,500.

Ralph Whitacre sold 4699 Brainard Road, Ellington to Dalton Whitacre for $1,000.

John Jr. and Fannie Burkholder sold 555 Rt. 474, Harmony to Paul and Martha Troyer for $125,000.

Rom Property Management, Inc. sold 129 Lambert Ave., Fredonia to Travis and Evan Gratteau-Zinnel for $196,900.

Contis Properties of Falconer, LLC of Falconer sold 117 East Falconer St., Falconer to Jeffrey and Deborah Carlson for $47,000.

David Fieramusca sold Condominium Unit G-6, Chautauqua Lake Estates, to Heather Marie Neild Janik for $160,000.

Kenneth Morley sold 3410 Bloomer Road, Gerry to John and Carol Depalma for $30,000.

Ronald and Teri Linamen sold 2011 Willard St. Ext., Ellicott to Susan Stafford for $169,900.

Darell and Dawn Grace sold a parcel on Terry Road, Gerry to Timothy Jr. and Jacqui Brandow for $3,000.

S&L Property Development, LLC of Bemus Point sold 5525 Broadway Road, Ellery to Phillip Bowman, Kerri Varnum, and Michael Strauss for $215,000.

Peter Stanford sold a parcel on Fluvanna Townline Road, Ellicott to Katherine Tidwell for $500.

Madison Gates sold 28 Liberty St., Jamestown to Andrew Schmidt for $109,000.

Rita Cieslewicz, Thomas Cieslewicz, Richard Cieslewicz, and John Cieslewicz sold 375 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk to Zachary and Olivia Romanik for $162,000.

Christopher Rickerson sold 122 Central Ave., Falconer to Casey and Dianna Walters for $75,000.

Michael Geary sold 824 Main St., Dunkirk to Wells Enterprises, Inc. for $300,000.

Michelle Ziegler-Boyle sold 92 Newton St., Dunkirk to Wells Enterprises, Inc. for $300,000.

The executors of the Last Will and Testament of Robert Lake sold 38 Douglas Place, Jamestown to Madison Gates for $66,000.

Paul and Lois Inserra sold 9 Chapin St., Jamestown to Jessica Crooks for $85,000.

Timothy Smith sold 124 Water St., Jamestown to Jeffrey Shevlin and Jennifer Wiskemann for $29,000.

Nicholas Anzalone and Mikyung Kim sold 23 University Park, Fredonia to Michelle Ziegler-Boyle for $355,000.

Timothy and Mary Beth Hannon sold 7777 Aldrich Hill Road, Cherry Creek for $480,000.

Thomas Bollman sold 618 Spring St., Jamestown to Jonathan Thomas for $38,000.

Dawn Dziduch, Karen Franklin, and Kristine Kaminsky sold 6006 Rt. 5, Portland to Kristine Kaminsky for $30,000.

Brian Marsh sold 28 Broadhead Ave., Jamestown to Patriot Brothers Rehabs, LLC of Rising Sun, Maryland, for $66,000.

Allen Uszacki sold 676 Harmon Hill Road, Pomfret to Michael Geary for $240,000.

Robert Karla Halbohm sold 4926 Meadow Drive, Ellery to Emily Hawkins and Greg Genco for $299,000.

The administrator of the Estate of Judy Classon sold 11 Marvin St., Carroll, to Nathan Anderson and Olivia Ferguson for $110,000.

Denise Maze and Nancy E. Clarke-Jones sold 980 Central Ave., Dunkirk to Weston Ley for $197,500.

The executrices of the Estate of Jeral Angove sold 2193 Riverside Road, Kiantone to Eli Byler, Katie Byler, and Elizabeth Byler for $263,355.

The executrices of the Estate of Jeral Angove sold a parcel on Riverside Road, Kiantone to Joan Spontaneo for $35,644.

Philip Crowell sold a parcel on Dybka Road, Villenova to Patricia and Raymond Hender for $67,500.

Dan Friedman sold two parcels on Frew Run Road, Carroll to Michael Zehler for $124,900.

Frederick and Lynda DeGolier sold 7797 Hall Road, Charlotte to Larry and Joan Engasser for $24,100.

Michael Mazur sold four parcels on Housington Road, Cherry Creek to Kevin and Lisa Kind for $55,000.

Eric Henry sold 8213 Ravlin Hill Road, Clymer to Jarrett and Elizabeth Wiggers for $330,000.

Ryan Nord sold 2433 Beech St., Kiantone to Zachary Haller and Maddison Whippo for $165,000.

Sweetland Properties, LLC of Fredonia sold 201 Central Ave., Dunkirk to Carlos Lizarraga for $135,000.

Michelle Vandermast, Kathryn Lawrence, John Nickerson and Clifford Nickerson Jr. sold 6150 Central Ave. Ext., Portland to Mark Nickerson for $150,000.

Richard and Nancy Taaffe sold 9 Parkway St., Silver Creek to John and Sheri Williams for $270,000.


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