WCA Home ‘Looking’ For Buyer As New Plan Emerges

The former WCA Home in Fredonia.

No one is quite certain regarding what could be next for the WCA Home in Fredonia.

Trustees for the organization have sent a letter to dozens of non-profit organizations in Chautauqua County to ask if they could identify new uses and occupants for the former WCA Home at 134 Temple St, in Fredonia.

President of the Board of Directors, Lori Poniatowski, announced, “We are actively looking for a non-profit human service organization to take over the building under their auspices so that it can be used for services in Chautauqua County.”

The responsibility for finding a use of the facility rests with the six members of the WCA Board of Directors, but the ultimate disposition of the property, which as a non-profit is ownerless, is guided by the Attorney General of New York State.

In the meantime, there could be another hope for the facility. During a weekend visit by state Legion officials, Fredonia Mayor Michael Ferguson spoke of a potential re-use for the building. While noting area veterans deserved more than they were receiving after their service to the country, he mentioned the former WCA Home as a possible location for housing for aging veterans. It would be the first site of its kind in Chautauqua County.

“The former WCA Home is a beautiful building that has been meticulously maintained,” Poniatowski said. “It is in turn-key condition and includes all essential appliances, furnishings, and technology, including security.”

Ferguson’s announcement could mean the end to the site being a potential location for migrant workers for an area farm.

The property is appraised at $1.2 million and is a two-story, wood-frame building added on to a 19th-century historic home noted for its architectural significance. It includes 37 resident rooms, a commercial kitchen, an elevator, a Generac industrial generator, air-conditioning, a commercial fire sprinkler and smoke alarm system, security cameras, a fiber optic wi-fi system, and is handicapped accessible.

The WCA’s funds are designated for charitable work, and dollars spent to maintain an empty building is not how the Board envisions using these funds wisely, Poniatowski said. “It is sad to think what may happen to this property if we don’t find a new use for it before our remaining finances run out,” she said. “We are eager to hear from any potential owners or users of the space and how we might help them meet their goals.”

Other interested parties can call the WCA Home at 716- 672-7961.


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