Popeyes, Starbucks Move Forward In North County

Town of Dunkirk Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Mourer points to a design for the Starbucks coffee shop set to take over the former AT&T location in the TOPS Plaza on Vineyard Drive in Dunkirk.

Despite little action in the months since each project was approved by the town of Dunkirk, a new Popeyes restaurant and a Starbucks coffee shop are both still moving forward with plans to come to Dunkirk.

Ryan Mourer, the town’s code enforcement officer, stated that Popeyes has received permits to begin construction on its new drive-through restaurant in the Dunkirk Movieplex Plaza on Bennett Road. The general contractor of the project is set to receive the required permits shortly, as well. Popeyes is eyeing April 1 as a potential date for construction to commence.

Starbucks is set to move forward with remodeling the former AT&T store in the Tops Plaza on Vineyard Drive to become a drive-thru coffee shop once AT&T is fully moved out. According to Mourer, the target date for Starbucks to be operational is “late summer.”

The former AT&T store is rebranding to T-Mobile upon a move within the same Tops Plaza. The new T-Mobile store is located at the former GameStop video game store, which has been displaced by the other moves in the plaza. Mourer said he is unaware of GameStop’s future plans at this time. T-Mobile will be open soon, with a target set for April 1.


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