Change Of Plans

Chaut. Town Switching To Dumpsters For Spring Clean-Up

Chautauqua Town Highway Superintendent Terry Sanden, left, said he wants to eliminate curbside pick up in the town during spring clean-up. Residents would still be able to get rid of their spring clean-up trash by bringing it to the highway department. Photo by Gregory Bacon

A change will take place this year for residents who live in the town of Chautauqua for spring clean-up.

Highway Superintendent Terry Sanden said at the February town board meeting that he no longer wants to have his staff go to residents’ homes to collect the junk; instead he wants residents to bring the junk to the highway department where they can put it in Dumpsters.

“It will be a cost savings and safer to us with all the fentanyl and stuff that we don’t know what is out and about. I just think it will be way safer,” said Sanden.

He proposed having dumpsters at the town highway department at 50 Patterson St., Mayville from May 4-11. That would give residents’ two Saturdays to bring their trash as well as during the week during first-shift hours. His staff would be on hand to supervise what is brought in as well as to help residents take trash from their vehicles to the dumpster, including placing some items in a motor bucket if it’s too heavy to lift.

Sanden said most neighboring towns that have spring clean-up have their residents bring their junk to a Dumpster on a single day or couple of days.

Councilman Tom Carlson noted that it might be helpful to have a couple of evenings or stretch the trash collection out longer than just eight days.

Sanden said he was open to suggestions as to when the Dumpsters would be available. “We’ve got to start someplace,” he said.

Councilman Scott Cummings said this spring is a good time to test it out. “I think it’s a good idea. We can start and see how it goes this year and see about next year,” he said.

Town Clerk Rebecca Luba said she could work with Sanden to send out postcards to residents to give the specifics.

Town Supervisor Don Emhardt recommended a separate dumpster for scrap metal, since that can be recycled.

One resident spoke out at the meeting and said he personally doesn’t own a truck. He asked if the town would be able to visit his residence to haul the trash.

Sanden said that can be considered, but he didn’t make any firm commitments.

He said the final details need to be worked out, but he wants to make the change for this spring’s clean-up dates.

The spring clean-up program has historically not included residents who live in the village of Mayville. Sanden said they have their own program.

Because Sanden oversees the department, no vote was required by the officials.


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