Borrello Announces Re-Election Bid

State Sen. George Borrello is seeking re-election to the state Senate to represent the 57th district.

“Representing my constituents in Western New York is a great privilege and one that I strive to honor by giving 110% every day. Albany is dominated by New York City legislators and activists whose priorities and values are a world apart from ours. I’ve made it my mission to be a champion for our district and rural New Yorkers,” Borrello said. “Right now, our state is facing a crisis of epic proportions caused by the unrelenting influx of migrants into New York. It is consuming billions in taxpayer funds at an alarming rate. Yet our governor refuses to rescind the ‘sanctuary’ status that is fueling the crisis. We need elected officials who will stand up for everyday New Yorkers who are rightly saying ‘enough is enough.'”

Borrello has represented the 57th district since winning a special election in 2019 and being re-elected in 2022. The district, one of the Legislature’s largest geographically, encompasses Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Genesee and Wyoming counties, as well as a portion of Allegany County.

He has used that knowledge to advocate for the small business community and also authored legislation aimed at reducing their costs and incentivizing expansion.

“As the city’s dominance has grown, the fight to secure our fair share of resources for our schools, roads and other essential services has intensified. It is also critical that we continue to push back against one-size-fits-all policies that neglect to account for upstate realities,” Borrello said. “There is no better example than the natural gas bans and electric school bus mandates that are slated to go into effect in just a few years. Our rural setting and cold, snowy winters aren’t compatible with all-electric energy sources and, in the worst scenario, represent life and safety hazards.”

Borrello noted that while statewide issues garner headlines, constituent service is a core priority.

“I am proud of the record my team and I have when it comes to helping our constituents,” he said. “We logged more than 2,000 constituent cases in 2023 alone, spanning a wide range of issues. Behind those figures are real folks who reached out for help with problems – some complex and others that were addressed through a phone call. But in a rural area like ours, where services can be scarce, we recognize the vital importance of this assistance.”

Borrello has filed lawsuits twice against the state government in the past year, one challenging expanded state isolation and quarantine rules and another in federal court challenging the state’s concealed carry rules for firearms.

“I’ve been a leading voice against the government overreach that is threatening our constitutional freedoms. We not only won the first court ruling against the governor’s ‘isolation and quarantine’ procedures, but we’ve also mobilized people across the state who realize the risks of giving the executive too much unfettered power,” he said.

Borrello founded his own company, Top-Shelf Marketing, in his early 20s. After growing the business into a nationally recognized supplier to the hospitality industry, he merged it with another company where he spent 20 years in executive management. He has also served as a Chautauqua County legislator before winning election as Chautauqua County executive.

“New Yorkers are asking for help. In the most recent Siena poll, a majority cited affordability and crime as their top concerns and a majority also said the quality of life in our state is declining. There is too much at stake to sit on the sidelines. That is why I am running for re-election. The future of our region and our state is at stake, and I am committed to doing everything I can to make the changes we need to not only survive, but thrive in the years ahead,” he said.


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