WCA Foundation Gives Historic Grant Allocation To UPMC Chautauqua

From left are Cecil Miller, vice president of operations, UPMC Chautauqua; Jim Domagola, treasurer and finance chair, WCA Foundation; Tim Black, vice president, WCA Foundation; Chip Johnson, board member, WCA Foundation; Kelly Johnson, secretary, WCA Foundation; Kristin Melville, foundation executive director; and James Pullan Jr., foundation board president.

The WCA Foundation recently awarded UPMC Chautauqua with a grant allocation of $684,900, the largest gift in the foundation’s history outside of a capital campaign gift given to UPMC Chautauqua’s Emergency Department renovation, completed in 2012.

“The WCA Foundation was founded more than 42 years ago and is a private non-profit organization whose sole mission is to provide philanthropic support to UPMC Chautauqua,” said James Pullan Jr., foundation board president. “All funds distributed to the hospital stay in the community as donors have intended. A gift to the WCA Foundation can be restricted to a specific need or it may be applied to the hospital’s greatest need. Most importantly the funds always support patient care. Taking care of our community is our number one goal.”

This year’s grant will purchase a van for patients receiving care from the Chemical Dependency program to assist with transportation to and from job interviews, work, and group sessions. Transportation reduces the barriers for patients in the program that could prevent successful transitions.

Rapid Emergency Department Infuser administers blood products and fluids at a rapid rate to critically ill patients and Continuous Glucose Monitoring CD Rehab reduces the number of Emergency Department visits related to blood sugar emergencies and helps patients avoid their blood glucose from rising or falling to quickly. Remaining funds will support and enhance every department of the hospital, from equipment and program needs to scholarship funds for staff development and training, and students pursuing their medical careers.

“The WCA Foundation works in partnership with UPMC Chautauqua and was founded by donors who appreciated their medical care at the hospital, grateful patients. Each any every day we are serving our community through every department of the hospital. Funds touch all lives, from newborn to end-of-life. Donors often feel giving to the foundation gives them a full range of medical care to support, and their giving supports patients from every corner of our community,” said Kristin Melville, WCA Foundation executive director.

The WCA Foundation raises money throughout the year through events hosted by donors, annual fund campaign, personal giving, memorial giving, endowment funds, and the generosity of estate giving.

“We have an incredible board of directors, committee volunteers, foundation staff, and generous donors who wholeheartedly work and volunteer their time to ensure our local hospital has everything they need to provide state of the art healthcare right here at home,” Pullan said.

The WCA Foundation celebrates 42 years of supporting patient care and has provided $11 million in grants to WCA Hospital, and now UPMC Chautauqua. To donate or learn more, visit wcafoundationjamestown.org or contact their office located at Jones Health, 51 Glasgow Avenue, Jamestown, New York, 14702-0840, at 716-664-8665.


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