Sipos To Be Appointed To Stockton Town Board

Cassadaga Historian John Sipos told the Village Board at a recent meeting of his intent to serve as a board member for the Town of Stockton.

CASSADAGA — John Sipos is a busy man.

The Cassadaga Village historian for nearly 20 years, who also serves as town of Stockton historian, plans to add another item to his resume: Stockton town councilman.

Supervisor Dave Wilson called Sipos to inform him of an opening on the board, as Stan Zembryski plans to resign due to health concerns. Sipos was asked to finish out his remaining term through 2024.

“I have gone to all of their meetings the last five years,” Sipos said. He joked he is “nosy” and wants to know what is going on in the town, as he does in the village of Cassadaga where he is a resident.

Sipos, a member of 15 organizations once he is officially appointed, revealed the news at a recent Village Board meeting. Sipos then posed the question to the Village Board, “I can handle both situations, but do you want me to continue as the historian of the village of Cassadaga?”

The board responded with no objections and offered congratulations.

Also at the recent Village Board meeting, trustees had lengthy discussions regarding health insurance and general liability insurance.

First, the board opted for the platinum plan of health insurance offered to village employees. Donna Thompson of Integrated Benefit Solutions suggested a switch to the Gold Plan for village employees to account for a cost increase for the village of approximately $100 a month per employee. However, the board elected to keep the platinum plan despite the cost increase as a means to retain current employees and attract future employees.

Next, the village made up for some of the increased cost by switching general liability insurance providers from Trident Insurance to Houston Casualty Co. (HCC) after a notable increase to Trident’s rates. The previous plan cost the Village $31,364, but the new rate would have raised to $39,808. The quote offered from HCC was $28,993, which the Village Board unanimously approved.

“It looks like a no-brainer to me,” said trustee Bill Astry.

“I think it is too,” said Randy Graham of Mayville Tremaine Insurance. “It was a lot of effort on everybody’s part to get to this point, but it was a good result.”

The village also purchased two electronic speed limit signs at a cost of $400 apiece.

The Cassadaga Winter Festival 2024, sponsored by the Citizens for a Better Cassadaga, will be Feb. 3 and 4. Party McFly will perform on Feb. 3.


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