Foundation Makes Donation To Canine Rescue Group

Pictured are Chrissy Conklin, Kaden Mason, Mel Mason and Patty Benton, a volunteer and board member for Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue. Submitted photo

WESTFIELD — Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue has received a donation from a foundation based in Jamestown.

Pip-Skey’s Foundation for Homeless Animals was formed with the goal of fundraising to benefit needy animals in shelters or rescues in the area. Many shelters, including NCCR based in Westfield, are often in need of donations, and Pip-Skey’s organizes fundraisers to help with this need.

NCCR Director Jordan Nichols said donations are very important for the shelter and always appreciated.

“Pip-Skey’s reached out to Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue to let us know they wanted to select us as the recipient of a generous donation from the funds they had raised,” Nichols said. “NCCR is fortunate to receive donations from a few local organizations and businesses in and around our area that raise funds on our behalf. Sometimes these donations are given routinely from ongoing collection efforts, and other times they can be from a single event fundraiser that may happen annually. Large or small, NCCR sincerely appreciates them all.”

The donation from Pip-Skey’s will be used for veterinary expenses, food, treats and enrichment toys for the dogs. Donations allow for NCCR to provide quality care in a clean and comfortable environment with the ability to quickly address any medical concerns. It also allows for the shelter to be able to provide quality food or treats for any dog that comes in.

“NCCR is very dependent on the support of our community to keep our doors open and enable us to continue in our mission of providing care and shelter for homeless dogs and helping them to find their forever homes,” Nichols said. “Without donations like this one, we would not be able to do what we do.”

Nichols added that donating to shelters is important and something everyone should consider as shelters provide valuable resources to the community by offering a safe place for any stray or unwanted animals. This gets them off of the streets but also into a place where they will be able to be cared for, including necessary medical treatment and training.

“Shelters and rescues also ensure that the animals in their care are neutered and appropriately vaccinated before being placed into homes,” Nichols said. “This prevents overpopulation of unneutered and unvaccinated animals, keeps them from creating a public nuisance, and helps to avoid outbreaks of preventable diseases that could potentially spread to pets or humans. Additionally, many shelters and rescues provide community resources such as free or low cost vaccine and neuter clinics, pet food pantries, and community education programs regarding appropriate animal care and available resources.”

Nichols encouraged everyone to take time to donate what they can to local shelters.

“Donating to your local animal shelters makes a world of difference,” Nichols said. “Your donation will not only literally save animals’ lives, but also dramatically improve the quality of the lives it saves. You can also donate by giving your time. Volunteer help is always needed and the dogs really thrive with the care and attention they receive from our volunteers.”

NCCR is located at 7540 N. Gale St. in Westfield and is open from 1-3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information visit caninerescue.org.


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