Real Estate Sales Include Future Women’s Shelter

Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. has purchased 303 Lafayette St., Jamestown and plans on making it a homeless shelter for women. The organization would like to start construction in the spring. P-J photo by Gregory Bacon

A proposed women’s shelter in Chautauqua County is moving ahead with the purchase of a building.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from April 21-28.

During that time period, Jamestown Rental Properties of Jamestown sold 303 Lafayette St., Jamestown to Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. of Dunkirk for $380,000.

In September, the Jamestown Planning Commission approved a plan for COI to use that location as a single women’s shelter. Currently, Chautauqua County does not have a shelter for females. The new location will provide single women ages 18 and over with a 30-day emergency shelter.

According to Josiah Lamp with COI, they are making progress. “We have secured most of our funding thanks to state and local partners. We are getting to the final stages of the pre-development phase of the project and hope to start construction next year in the spring,” he said this week.

Lamp said once finished, the shelter will be able to house up to 18 women at a time.

In other sales, 60 Nicholas Ave., Westfield village was sold to Westfield Brickhouse Properties, LLC of Westfield for $300,000. This is the location of Westwind Functional Fitness gym. The building appears to be able to house other businesses.

During this time period, there were 11 sales that were $250,000 or higher. Four of the sales were in the town of Ellery (two in Bemus Point). The other seven sales were in Mina, Chautauqua, Gerry, Hanover, Busti, Westfield and Jamestown.

The remaining nine sales were as follows:

¯ 2742 Shadyside Road, Mina sold for $500,000.

¯ 5750 and 5752 Magnolia Road, Chautauqua town sold for $484,000.

¯ 116 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point sold to $479,000.

¯ 2143-2145 Hanson Road, Gerry sold for $360,000.

¯ 4041 N. Harold Ave., Ellery sold for $335,000.

¯ 5229 Route 430, Ellery sold for $334,660.

¯ 1222 Front St., Hanover sold for $311,500.

¯ 61 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point sold for $305,000.

¯ 1911 Big Tree Sugar Grove Road, Busti sold for $295,250.

The full list of transactions over $1 is as follows:

MidFirst Bank of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, sold 376 Broadhead Ave., Jamestown to Kakou Nguessan for $15,200.

S and P Johnson, LLC of Ashville sold 2 E. Main St., Panama to Hammond Family, LLC of Sherman for $60,000.

George Kolibar sold 7030 Walker Road, Westfield to FS & JJ, LLC of Westfield for $110,000.

Busti Victorian Hall, LLC of Jamestown sold 69 W. Duquesne St., Celoron to Andrew Haney and Megan Pfenninger for $142,000.

BDS Sales & Marketing, Inc. of Grand Island sold 320 Franklin Ave., Dunkirk to John and Brenda Vogel for $115,000.

Jamestown Rental Properties of Jamestown sold 303 Lafayette St., Jamestown to Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. of Dunkirk for $380,000.

John and Donna Mackenzie sold property on Beck Road, Ellery to James Caldwell for $32,000.

Clifford and Jennifer Brown sold 108 W. Main St., Ripley to Arial Chimera for $35,000.

Andrew Norton and Montanna Pope-Norton sold 5212 Ellery-Centralia Road, Ellery to Brittni Barr for $130,000.

Daniel Warren sold property on Kent Road, Ripley to Nicholas Pierce for $80,000.

APRIL 24-28

Richard Heath sold property on Route 60, Gerry to TBG Alabama, LLC of Alabama for $216,000.

A referee appointed for the late William Carlson sold 31 Cottage St., Westfield to KeyBank for $89,869.

Danna Dubois, Janice Bittinger and Wanda Ferguson sold 7355 Mill St.., Stockton to Shane and Steven Wilson for $147,000.

Daniel and Kimberly Woloszyn sold 5750 and 5752 Magnolia Road, Chautauqua town to Stephen Konzel for $484,000.

The executor of the state for Peter Hurd sold property on Wait Corners Road, Sherman to Melvin Miller for $60,000. Miller then sold that property to Keith Mitchell for $60,000.

Thomas Webb sold 6 Main St., Silver Creek to Mohammad Kesser Jawed for $45,000.

James Magee sold 932 E. Second St., Jamestown to NT Property Rentals, LLC of Lakewood for $45,000.

Scott and Melissa Giles sold 757 Weaver Road, Cherry Creek to Dana Jenkins and Skyler Lindquist for $50,000.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank sold 419 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Angela Marie Vellon-Hernandez for $11,500.

Thomas Skinner sold 116 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point to Trails End North, LLC of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for $479,000.

Yanyun Jiang sold 14 E. Green St., Dunkirk to Frankie Javier Vargas Hernandez and Ilia Enid Cruz Negron for $140,000.

TNT Houses to Homes LLC of Silver Creek sold 6 Buffalo St., Silver Creek to Brandon Hite for $160,000.

James and Linda Krasa sold 362 Wheller Hill Road, Carroll to Paul and Lisa Krasa for $25,000.

Richard and Sandra Florkowski sold 8132 Barnum Road, Arkwright to Jenine Kumpf for $34,900.

Katherine Hennessey sold 762-764 Harding Ave., Jamestown to Girton Holdings, LLC of Redlands, Calif. for $129,900.

Edwin Nelson III, Laura Gilbert, James Nelson, Tracy Emerson, Ashley Brown, Marisa Nelson, and Miranda Baglia sold 2450 Vukote Road, Busti to Michael Peltier for $130,000.

TNT Houses to Homes, LLC of Silver Creek sold 41 Monroe St., Silver Creek to Jason Hogg for $137,800.

The executors of Sally Wissman sold 4532 Rt. 60, Gerry to Dennis and Linda Bartholomew for $15,000.

The city of Jamestown sold property on Pennsylvania Avenue, Jamestown to Kim and Shane Collins for $1,501.

The city of Jamestown sold 402 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown to Deborah Monroe for $200.

The executrix of the estate of Patricia Brown sold 1222 Front St., Hanover to Edmund S. Brown III, Mary Brown, Elizabeth Maloney, Karin Bray and Colleen Morneau for $311,500.

Heather Snyder sold 25 Dale Drive, Cassadaga to Jennifer Joslyn for $158,000.

Edwin and Shawn Abbey sold 6805 Cross Road, Cherry Creek to the Cherry Creek Fire District for $30,000.

Jeffrey and Bridget Vandermast sold unit 8006 Northgate I condominium, French Creek to DD Knepper Holdings, LLC for $232,500.

John and Mary McCanna sold 234 Sampson St., Jamestown to Charles and Emma Riquer for $80,000.

Elizabeth Baker sold 1490 Buffalo St., Hanover to Matthew and Melissa Henderson for $169,600.

John and Patricia Helfrich sold 4041 N. Harold Ave., Ellery to Victoria and Kristopher Burch for $335,000.

Individual 401K Retirement Trust of Rochester sold 24 Woodlawn Ave., Jamestown to Woodlawn Management NY, LLC of Jamestown for $13,000.

Housing and Urban Development of Philadelphia sold 42 Arden Parkway to Ernest Laemmerhirt Jr. for $42,500.

Gregory Smith sold 5229 Route 430, Ellery to Molly Plant for $334,660.

Paul Constantine sold 121 Van Buren St., Jamestown to Jason Near and Rebecca Cruz for $29,752.

The administratix of the Estate of Madeline Latone sold 147 S. Main St., Jamestown to Ryan Snow for $2,000.

M&T Bank sold 32 St. Hedwigs Ave., Dunkirk to Fernando Galvez Ceja for $20,000.

Michael Howard sold 2143-2145 Hanson Road, Gerry to Ryan and Shannon Snow for $360,000.

Mt. Zion Assembly Inc. of Jamestown sold 111 Prather Ave., Jamestown to Carmen Lagares for $80,000.

Leon and Sherry McCormack sold 61 Cowden Place, Jamestown to Larry Whitehill for $12,200.

A referee for Scott Truver sold 1239 Big Tree Sugar Grove Road, Busti to Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. for $246,717.

Sara Allen sold 1911 Big Tree Sugar Grove Road, Busti to Andrew and Hanna Palmer for $295,250.

Mark and Judy Wolf sold 5536 Dean Road, Stockton to Jarrod Barry for $39,000.

L. Scott Ekstrom sold 172 Avalon Blvd., Ellicott to Dennis Fialho for $110,000.

Jeffery Nosbisch sold 6237 Finley Road, Portland to Dan Byler for $73,000.

64 Lakeside, LLC of Bemus Point sold 61 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point to Thomas Skerl for $305,000.

Chautauqua County Land Bank sold 19 Muto St., Lakewood to Kelly Orlando for $27,500.

Melinda Centi sold 189 S. Portage St., Westfield to David and Carolyn Butler for $175,500.

9 Merz Avenue LLC of Bemus Point sold 9 Merz Ave. Bemus Point to Peppy Holdings, LLC of Jamestown for $225,000.

Patrick Rupp sold 60 Nicholas Ave., Westfield village to Westfield Brickhouse Properties, LLC of Westfield for $300,000.

Carl and Nancy Peterson sold 7885 Hall Road, Charlotte to Julie and Samuel Giaimo for $98,000.

Diane Mathews sold 633 Winsor St., Jamestown to Nicholas Bishop and Kristen Debicki for $84,800.

Scott Larson and Connie Moore sold 308 Park St., Jamestown to James Panebianco for $96,000.

Leslie Weber sold 1820 Riverside Road, Kiantone to Ryan Germonto for $95,400.

Dajuan Strickland sold 104 Isabella Ave., Jamestown to Yu Property Management, LLC of Jamestown for $20,000.

David and Marilyn Berry sold 2742 Shadyside Road, Mina to Steven Grimaldi and Jacqueline Randazzo for $500,000.

G.L. Olson, Inc. of Dewittville sold 5529 Thum Road, Ellery to Christopher Olson for $97,700.

Myroslaw Harasymowycz sold 5952 Rt. 76, Ripley to John Thornton and Erin Colgan for $210,000.

John Bellavia sold 150 Connecticut Ave., Jamestown to Jose and Angela Moya for $180,000.

Daniel Reese sold 1407 Dovenshire Place, French Creek to Curtis Masavage for $170,000. Masavage then sold that same address to Brian Delfs and Gretchen Daribaldi for $185,000.

Patricia Timko sold 9596 Miller Road, Arkwright to Joseph and Wend Straight for $20,000.

Scott Mazurkiewicz sold 4135 Webster Road, Pomfret to Richard Fisk and Donna Culver-Fisk for $165,000.

Steven Lucas sold property on King Road, Sheridan to Walkers Fruit Farms, LLC of Forestville for $6,000.

The executor of the estate of Malcolm Miller sold 199 Water St., Fredonia to Juan Mercado for $135,000.


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