Clymer School Board Looks At Playground Project

Clymer Central School’s Board of Education discussed the playground project, audits, and bus purchase reserves at the May meeting. P-J photo by Sara Holthouse

CLYMER — Installation of a new playground at Clymer Central School Board is underway and could be in use by mid-June.

“You can see some digging over where the new playground is going to go,” Superintendent Beth Olson said. “They’re relocating that septic line Friday, they had to find it first. It has been found and it should go relatively smoothly.”

A big crate of fitness equipment has arrived for the new playground, and working to install those is the next step.

During the Business Official’s report, Jarrett Wiggers reported that as soon as the playground project wraps up, the grant the money came from for that will be basically finished. Wiggers also discussed the different audits currently going on, along with the education stabilization fund survey and the bus purchase reserve.

“As we continue to plan our five year plan we know that part of what that is going to be if we continue to include bus purchases into our operating budget, we’ll have to utilize that reserve towards those purchases,” Wiggers said. “Plus, with all of the talk of electric buses being required, no matter what we feel, may or may not be reality and it doesn’t hurt to have that reserve established and funded as best we can.”

In other news:

¯ The budget vote and school board election was held on May 16, and everything passed “with flying colors”.

¯ The board is working on a building condition survey, which highlights items that need to be prioritized for the next capital project to help with future planning. This is required every five years.

¯ The board reviewed and passed policies concerning facilities, sports, and instruction in certain subjects.


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